Mark Salwowski - Sin Of Origin

A fine example of an airbrushed alien world from Mark Salwowski, produced for the cover of the 1989 book “Sin Of Origin” by John Barnes. The plot involves missionaries sent from Earth trying to convert the inhabitants of the planet Randall to Christianity and the conflict this causes with its three indigenous aliens species – one of the more original Sci-Fi novel ideas…

Image courtesy of Mark Salwoski

Mark Salwowski – Fallen Angels

Mark Salwowski “Fallen Angels”

A trashed Spaceship glistens under a low arctic sun, I’m guessing it’s the arctic though being Sci-fi it could, of course, be anywhere. Quite an original choice of lighting from Salwowski, a long and heavy shadow cast in the glow of weak winter sunlight.

Mark Salwowski is a British Sci-fi and Fantasy Illustrator specialising in airbrush work. His career spans nearly thirty years having produced Cover art for famous authors such as John Wyndham, Orson Scott Card, Brian Aldiss, Iain M Banks and Micheal Moorcock. For more info check his extensive portfolio here: