Wayne Barlowe

Tim White

David Bergen

Leo & Diane Dillon

A selection of Retro Sci-fi magazine covers from “Visco – The Visual Index of Science Fiction Cover art” over at http://www.sfcovers.net/a fab archive, set up and maintained by Terry Gibbons.

Visco is much like http://www.coverbrowser.com/ in that it’s basically a database of scans & photographs, cataloguing Science Fiction magazine publications from the 40’s right up through to the 90’s (why is it the 90’s designs are the worst? ). It’s an excellent little resource with art from many of the artists featured here, and whilst some of the scans aren’t of superb quality the diverse wealth of material more than makes up for it – a great read!

Notes on the above images:

(Top) 1981 cover art from Avatar creature designer Wayne Barlowe

(2nd Top) An action packed 1974 Cover from Tim

The Fox

The Fox

Another post, another vintage book cover!

This timeless, stunningly beautiful Illustration is taken from a Bantam Books edition of D. H. Lawrence’s Novella “The Fox” – though the artwork was originally produced for the 1967 movie adaption starring Kier Dullea, an actor most famously known for playing a certain Dave Bowman… So there’s your Sci-Fi connection.

D. H. Lawrence’s story of sexual identity centre’s around a female couple struggling to run an isolated farmstead with its small chicken population under the constant shadow of a raiding fox. The couples life is then disrupted further with the return of Paul, who used to live and work on the farm, and his offer to help out and put things straight… One of the film’s taglines is “The Fox … symbol of the male”

Though I haven’t read the book I have seen the screen adaption which I’m guessing these days would rank as fairly hard-to-find, it’s  a great film, low-key and very subtle with chilling winter cinematography.

Not a sniff of an original trailer anywhere to be found, so here’s a link straight to imdb.com as always look out for spoilers!!  http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0062990/

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