Aliens and the Alcon Blue Butterfly

Aliens and the Alcon Blue Butterfly

First off a heavy disclaimer here: This post is based upon segments from a chapter of Jim Al-Khalili’s recent book ‘Science Asks: Is There Anybody Out There?’ (2016).

The publication is a spellbinding compendium that summarises the bleeding edge of science’s rapidly evolving hunt for extraterrestrial life and includes contributions from 20 expert minds, each at the vanguard of there respective fields.

If you’re even slightly interested in the scientific approach to ET this simply is a must-read, and offers both tantalising and tangible solutions to one of humanity’s greatest questions – Are we alone in the universe?

Hajime Sorayama - Gynoid (3)

H.R Giger BioMechanoid

A tentatively posed model is airbrushed into another part of the “Gynoid” Series, by Hajime Sorayama. The Gynoids are very much the same concept harvested by H.R.Giger with his BioMechanoids; that is to say they’re both a fusion of machine and the female form, but the similarity pretty much stops there.

Sorayama’s work is sweetness and light, he uses the body-hugging chrome prosthetic to re-enforce softcore/pin-up titillation, machine-enhanced but very much human. Giger’s approach is the reverse, sinister machine like humanoids – alien (literally) – the example shown is one his earlier works, a pre-airbrush piece from around 1970.

H.R. Giger – Motorscape

H.R. Giger - Motorscape

An example of Swiss Artists H.R Giger’s earlier work, from around 1970, a surreal mechanical landscape. I believe its a screen print, thus predating his adoption of the Airbrush by a couple of years. I like this because it’s sinister without the full-on grotesque Giger is famous for. Apologies the image isn’t of the best quality…

More on Giger at Wiki 

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