Geof Darrow – Hard Boiled

Geof Darrow - Hard Boiled

Geof Darrow - Hard Boiled

Happy 2009!

Thought I kick off the year with an American artist I’ve been meaning to feature for a while – the supremely talented Geof Darrow. Here’s a sample from ‘Hard Boiled’ a three issue comic series from 1990, written by Frank Miller and illustrated in the most meticulous way imaginable.

The plot follows Insurance Investigator Carl Seltz/Nixon/Unit Four on a trail of utter destruction through a sprawling overpopulated dystopia of sin and plays out like a very violent black comedy. Hard Boiled is packed with visual references, gags and graphic delights – fans of  ‘The Matrix’ will also recognise the fetishistic robotic design – Geof worked as a ‘conceptual designer’ on all three films.

Hard boiled is amalgamated into one Dark Horse Graphic Novel here:

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