Ed Emshwiller – Have Space Suit – Will Travel

Ed Emshwiller - Have Space Suit, Will Travel

Ed Emshwiller

A vintage Astronaut used as the cover of the 1958 first edition of Robert A. Heinlein’s book “Have Space Suit – Will Travel” art is by the late American Illustator Ed Emshwiller

Image sourced from Flickr User Glen Mullaly’s Flickr Photo Stream – http://www.flickr.com/photos/glenmullaly/ not just an avid collector of gorgeous vintage Illustration but a talented artist himself www.glenmullaly.com

— addendum

A little more on the book here: http://is.gd/Z9UF I’ve also added the B&W illustration, a fantastic costume design I reckon.

Unknown Retro Sci-fi Art

not sure on this one…

An ill-fitting helmet and a rocket in need of some serious panel beating, I’m guessing this is 60’s Sci-Fi though it might be 50’s – generally I’m not a fan of this far back, but this struck a chord.

I know nothing about the image or artist other than I a came across it on this French site http://www.noosfere.com/ – not sure if this is French, but just like to say no-one does Sci-Fi quite like the French – Anyway it’s ended up here.