David Pelham – Cat’s Cradle

Davd Pelham - Cat's Cradle

A David Pelham Penguin cover for a 1976 edition of Kurt Vonnegut’s Novel “Cat’s Cradle”

Scan via Flickr User: Michael Bojkowski he’s also got a little selection of Illustrated Paperback cover’s here http://www.flickr.com/photos/mooski/sets/72157594314437849/

Also of note: check this excellent compendium of Penguin SF Book covers: http://www.penguinsciencefiction.org/ Many thanks to Thistle for that link!

Cat’s Cradle, by the way, is that game you play with string wrapped around your fingers.

David Pelham (1)

David Pelham - Black Easter

David Pelham - Star Maker

Two David Pelham Book Covers from the 1970’s, for Penguin Books…

There’s an excellent in depth Interview with David Pelham over at Creative Review: http://www.creativereview.co.uk/crblog/penguin-by-designers-david-pelham/

Art via Jeff’s excellent Ski-ffy blog – if your looking for more Sci-Fi inspiration do check  it out! an extremely large selection of goodies.