'Nightmare Blue' Art by Justin Todd 1975

A varied selection of retro SF and Fantasy book art. Sci-Fi-O-Rama was pretty much built upon the back of posting forgotten book and games art, so with a renaissance in blog activity what better than to revisit the archives and excerpt another sampler.

What’s fascinating with each of these examples is that though they might not always fully hit the mark there’s always something of interest or worthy of reference. This then might be a style of colouring, a technique in rendering, the choice and application of a typeface, or even something as obscure as the design of a motif. In short, even the most subtle fragment of detailing can flick a creative switch, it’s all about your own imagination. That isn’t, however, to say that every Sci-Fi book cover has merit – au contraire – they most certainly do not. But that’s what we’re here for, to filter and serve only the very finest…

In putting this (abridged) selection together we’re go revisit several of the artists featured at Sci-Fi-O-Rama before, people who defined and shaped the genre such as

David Pelham – Cat’s Cradle

Davd Pelham - Cat's Cradle

A David Pelham Penguin cover for a 1976 edition of Kurt Vonnegut’s Novel “Cat’s Cradle”

Scan via Flickr User: Michael Bojkowski he’s also got a little selection of Illustrated Paperback cover’s here http://www.flickr.com/photos/mooski/sets/72157594314437849/

Also of note: check this excellent compendium of Penguin SF Book covers: http://www.penguinsciencefiction.org/ Many thanks to Thistle for that link!

Cat’s Cradle, by the way, is that game you play with string wrapped around your fingers.

David Pelham (1)

David Pelham - Black Easter

David Pelham - Star Maker

Two David Pelham Book Covers from the 1970’s, for Penguin Books…

There’s an excellent in depth Interview with David Pelham over at Creative Review: http://www.creativereview.co.uk/crblog/penguin-by-designers-david-pelham/

Art via Jeff’s excellent Ski-ffy blog – if your looking for more Sci-Fi inspiration do check  it out! an extremely large selection of goodies.