The Model Shop Part 1: Star Dwellers sculpture by Grant Louden + interview (with Dan McPharlin)

Grant Louden 'The Star_Dwellers' Interviewed By Dan McPharlin

Welcome to Sci-Fi-O-Rama 2014.

Here we begin with a totally exclusive feature courtesy of both Grant Louden & Dan McPharlin.

So without ado lets hand over the controls to Dan…

Guest post by Dan McPharlin

And now for something a little bit different. Sci-Fi-O-Rama doesn’t normally feature 3D work, but Kieran has kindly handed me the keys and let me loose on his blog to write this guest post on a subject that is very dear to my heart; Sci-Fi model making.

Ever since I first saw that monolithic Star Destroyer swoop majestically into frame in the opening minutes of Star Wars it’s a subject I’ve been fascinated by. While CGI has, unfortunately, all but rendered the model-maker’s craft obsolete in the movies, there are still a handful of talented artists out there burning the torch for this fantastic art form…

Colin Hay – The Embedding

Colin Hay - The Embedding

British Artist Colin Hay produced many airbrushed SF book covers during the 70’s – Authors of which included: Paul Anderson, John Sladek, Ian Watson, Clifford D Simak, Philip K Dick and many more..
Intricate textures in a style not dissimilar to Chris Foss.

See more of Colin’s superbly rendered airbrushing here at his agency portfolio site:

Scan Taken from Paper Tigers 1977 release“The Flights of Icarus”.