The Best of SFOR Facebook: The Early Days, May – July 2018

Earlier this year, Sci-Fi-O-Rama made some big changes. Kieran was joined by Ben and Erik, and what had long been a solo project suddenly became a team effort. Working together, the team has branched into new types of content: the Classic Sci-Fi Illustrators series, the original fiction series from CG Inglis, and focus pieces on real-world science.

Perhaps the biggest change, however, has been our expansion into Facebook. Begun to reach new audiences and give us a means of sharing ‘quick’ bite-sized content, the Facebook page has rapidly evolved to become a vital part of Sci-Fi-O-Rama experience. We post on Facebook daily and have a growing, engaged audience of several hundred (so far!) Sci-Fi enthusiasts following our posts!

Wayne Barlowe

Tim White

David Bergen

Leo & Diane Dillon

A selection of Retro Sci-fi magazine covers from “Visco – The Visual Index of Science Fiction Cover art” over at fab archive, set up and maintained by Terry Gibbons.

Visco is much like in that it’s basically a database of scans & photographs, cataloguing Science Fiction magazine publications from the 40’s right up through to the 90’s (why is it the 90’s designs are the worst? ). It’s an excellent little resource with art from many of the artists featured here, and whilst some of the scans aren’t of superb quality the diverse wealth of material more than makes up for it – a great read!

Notes on the above images:

(Top) 1981 cover art from Avatar creature designer Wayne Barlowe

(2nd Top) An action packed 1974 Cover from Tim

Wayne Barlowe – Daggerwrist

Wayne Barlowe - Daggerwrist

Wayne Barlowe - Daggerwrist's

Two more samples from Wayne Barlowe’s fantastic Expidition Book (Published 1990). The “Daggerwirst” is an alien predator indigenous to Darwin IV, a fictional (or yet to be discovered!) planet in orbit around a binary star system very close to our own, all evolutionary design, of course, is hypothetical! These creature’s, of roughly man-sized proportions, communicate via sonar pings and swoop on their prey from the trunks and branches of huge extraterrestrial trees…

I posted a previous feature on the expedition book back in July last year, as I mentioned then it’s basically a grown-up version of Ricky Gervais’s Flanimals books, though of course predates them – in fact I wonder if Ricky referenced Wayne’s work? Anyway read a little bit more about the Daggerwrist and Darwin IV’s other exotic species via Wayne’s official gallery feature: the book is also available to buy starting at $20 via Amazon.

Wayne Barlowe – Darwin IV “Skewer”

Wayne Barlowe - Darwin IV “Skewer”

Wicked Sci-Fi / Fantasy Art by American Artist Wayne Barlowe. Having an interest in decent Sci-fi Art means I’ve trawled though lots of, erm, not so decent Sci-fi art looking for stuff to post up here, but it’s worth it when something as original and whacked-out as this pops up! Initially, I thought the wings were forward swept – which would have been even darker/better! – but actually, the prong is the front, hence “Skewer”!

“Skewer” is part of Barlowe’s “Darwin IV Expedition” book which is kinda like a serious version the Ricky Gervais book “Flanimals” but thankfully, not drawn with felt tips. Wayne’s since worked on creature design for big-time Hollywood films such as Galaxy Quest & Hellboy.

Read more about The Skewer and visit Wayne’s Site here, or better yet check out more info on the 2005 Pseudo Documentry based on “Expedition” at