Peter Elson (4) The Rim of Space

Nov 12th, 2009 | Categories: Art | Illustration | Peter Elson | Sci-Fi

Peter Elson - The Rim of Space

Not so much a new post rather an update of an older one, it’s not that I’m running low on material, I just love this image! So thought I’d re-post larger and minus the book livery.

What I like here in particular (aside of course from the weather beaten rocket) is the fashion/costume element, it’s what I dig most in Sci-Fii – futuristic clothing – only this isn’t really futuristic and that makes it even better… An old school 80′s Ski Jacket adorned with sew-on patches, each patch with it’s own unique lexicon, a self contained design all on it’s own. Plus even more 80′s; check the chunky looking phone/walkie talkie, bollocks to touch screen devices!

Again this is via the brand new & awesome

Peter Elson (3) – Divergence

Nov 12th, 2009 | Categories: Airbrush / Realistic | Art | Illustration | Peter Elson | Sci-Fi

Peter Elson - Divergence

First of all apologies if you’ve noticed some blog/site weirdness here recently, disappearing post’s, redirected pages, missing CSS – basically I’ve had a few WordPress security/hacking issues, hopefully it’s all sorted now…

Ok so I’m proud to present another sample of the work of the legendary Peter Elson. It’s been a fair while since I last featured his work so a quick refresh, Peter was one of the UK’s premier Sci-Fi Illustrators during the 70′s and 80′s and is also synonymous (as with other artists here) with the Terran Trade Authority Books. His work really is stunning beautiful hi-tech designs mixed with gorgeous technicolor backdrops as is demonstrated here in this tracking shot high above Jupiter…

This image comes from the brand new official that’s been put together by Designer Martin Lucas and Peter’s sister, a superb site with over 300+ large images and the chance to buy exclusive prints. A truly great resource of inspiration & a fitting tribute to IMO one of the greatest Sci-Fi Illustrators/Designers ever…

Peter Elson – Pebble in the Sky

Oct 17th, 2008 | Categories: Art | Illustration | Peter Elson | Sci-Fi

Peter Elson - Pebble in the Sky

Art by the late Peter Elson, one of the 70′s most prolific Sci-Fi artists and a master at rendering future space hardware. As well as illustrating many book jackets Peter along with many of his contemporaries – including Chris Moore and Angus Mckie – was also heavily involved with illustrating The Terran Trade Authority, an illustrated Sci-Fi Project running from 1978 to 1980. More on that here:

Scan Taken from Paper Tigers 1977 release “The Flights of Icarus”.

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