Moebius: Transe-Forme @ Fondation Cartier, Paris

Moebius arzach 1975 drawing lessspace

Moebius arzach 1995 drawing

Moebius: Transe-Forme @ Fondation Cartier

Moebius: Transe-Forme @ Fondation Cartier

Moebius AKA Jean-Giraud Portrait 2010

Ok so this is something of a re-post lifted from the excellent Re-posting content in such verbatim fashion is something In which I tend to shy away from, but since it concerns quite possibly the worlds premier Sci-Fi Illustrator I’ve made an exception! We are of course talking of French comic artist/legend Jean Giraud, better known as Moebius and this article relates to his current exhibition “Transe-Forme” which is running now at Fondation Cartier in Paris until Saturday the 13th March, 2011. So as of time posting you have roughly a month too experience it.

Read the full article over at DesignBoom with a much larger selection of images of this simply stunning exhibition.

Many thanks to Manchester based Illustrator/Designer Ben Lamb for originally pointing me towards the article…

*** Quick amend thanks to Micheal Van

Official Home page of exhibition:

Check these videos from/of Moebius for exhibition

Hindu Deities – by Spectrum

Ganesa - By Spectrum Design

Bala Krishna - By Spectrum Design

Krishna - By Spectrum Design

Maha Vishnu - By Spectrum Design

Kali - By Spectrum Design

Namaste! I’ve just returned from a 3 week break in South India, which I’d thoroughly recommend to anyone, such an amazing place and people. Amidst the traveling and odd bit of partying (thumbs up for Arambol North Goa and The Silent Disco near Palolem South Goa) I kept my beady eye out for bit’s to collect for the blog, and now own a substantial collection of outlandish Hindu graphic paraphernalia, including window stickers, postcards, labels and even (my fave) some super kitsch Lenticular Printed Artwork which of course, sadly am unable to scan 🙁

So here’s the first batch of my collection, I’ve tried my best to match the vivid, lurid colouring through scanning and tweaking, and whilst I’m sure these designs perhaps won’t be every readers ‘Cup of Chai’ personally I just can’t get enough of the relentless iridescence and saturation overdrive…

Here’s a bit more on each card and deity, I won’t attempt to explain the history or symbolism with each image as alas currently it’s a subject matter I know little buy brand lipitor about – so please feel free to post and explain more!

Top: This beautiful, tropical rendering is “Ganesa” (also spelt also spelled Ganesha or Ganesh) perhaps the most instantly recognisble of all the Hindu pantheon. Read more about Ganesa.

2nd Top: A portrait of “Bala Krishna” literally meaning “Child Krishna” or “Divine Child Krishna”. Read more about Bala Krishna.

3rd Top: This is “Krishna” often depicted as here playing a flute, he’s also known by many other names and titles including Govinda, “finder of cows”, or Gopala, “protector of cows”.

4th Top: The Cobra crowned ‘Maha Vishnu‘ or “Sri Maha Vishnu’.

Bottom: The Goddess Kali also known as Kalika is the Hindu goddess associated with eternal energy. The name Kali comes from k?la, which means black, time, death, lord of death, Shiva.

All images scanned from original postcards – produced by “Spectrum” for


I’ll run a future post with some of the gorgeous sticker designs, and create a full sticker set – but next up a special feature on a certain Austin TX based collective…

Jim Burns (2)

Jim Burns Sci-Fi Illustration

Jim Burns Sci-Fi Illustration

Jim Burns Sci-Fi Illustration

A return to rip-roaring, full on Sci-Fi Illustration here with 3 samples from the vast portfolio of Welsh Artist Jim Burns (born in Cardiff, April 1948). Jim’s enjoyed a long highly successful career since graduating from London’s St Martins School of Art in 1972, and has an instantly recognisable style, he was also one of the major contributors – along with other British artists such as Angus Mckie, Chris Moore and Peter Elson – to the highly popular Terran Trade Authority series of books, published back in the late 70’s. Other career high points include working with Ridley Scott (also a St Martins Graduate) on his 1982 Sci-Fi Film Noir BladeRunner, and winning the Hugo award for best professional artist three times, most recently in 2005.

Some notes then on the featured images:

Top: “Scoutship Pilot” – This Illustration comes from the book “Planet Story” written by Harry Harrison in 1979, it’s available on Amazon here: This image (which I’ve cropped) was originally scanned and posted by occasional Sci-Fi-O-Rama collaborator Jeff Love over at the excellent, Jeff’s been very busy posting new content to Ski-ffy recently, so if you’ve not checked it out for a while I highly recommend a visit! With regards to the piece itself, this is an excellent example of what defines much Jim’s work, a beautiful girl in a figure hugging outfit posed at the helm of advanced craft, obviously that’s typical subject matter for much Sci-Fi Art, but Jim handles it with real verve – love her hair!

Middle: “Exordium 4 – The Rifters Covenant” (thanks Ed!) Image is sourced via the Hungarian Fantasy/Erotic art horde I picked this sample to really highlight Jims strength when working with colour, a great mix of super saturated orange, vivid ultra-marine really make the girls drab olive uniform leap out, there’s also a nice military feel to the general styling, Jim’s work definitely has a slightly darker edge than most of his peers – oh yeah, love the furry gremlin things!

Bottom: This piece is a great demonstration of lighting, rendering and texture and again, slightly embarrassingly I don’t know the title or source!


For more info and Artwork check Jim’s official website with a chance to buy prints, books, and originals. His Wikipedia profile:

Jasper Goodall (1)

Jasper Goodall - Eye of Horus

Jasper Goodall - Perpetual Dawn

Jasper Goodall - Into the Void

Jasper Goodall - Dione

Jasper Goodall - Erebus

Ok something of a bit of an exclusive here, from a contemporary Artist & Illustrator I’ve long admired – Brighton based Jasper Goodall (UK).

I first came across Jasper’s work as a design student around the turn of the century, his work prominently featured in Angus Hyland’s seminal “Pen and Mouse: Commercial Art and Digital Illustration” the book that triumphed traditional Illustrations transition into digital and thus the 21st century. It may seem strange now but once upon a time traditional illustration was in it’s death throws, out in the cold, superseded by saccharine layers of cheap and nasty Photoshop/Stock imagery that thanks to lazy graphic design had (horrifically) risen too prominence in the late 90’s. Something needed to give, and did, a new wave of Illustrators adapted, opting to use the Mac as a primary tool rather than just a finishing repro one, the computer became an integral part of the image making process, giving rise to a new fresh approach that continues to evolve – Jasper Goodall remains at the vanguard of this creative zeitgeist…

As something of a fan I decided to approach buy lipitor in mexico Jasper directly to ask him to supply Sci-Fi-O-Rama with a selection of recent work which he’s kindly done. Before I add the notes I’d like to point out that prints of all of the above images are available at

Top: This wonderfully lit latex beauty is entitled “Eye of Horus”, part of Jasper’s brand new “Sunrise Series”.

2nd Top: “Perpetual Dawn” – another superb rendering, with a slight echo of Hajime Sorayama to whom Jasper admits to being a fan…

3rd Top “Into the Void” – a flawless example of a superior digital airbrush technique.

4th Top & Bottom: “Dione’s Rapture” and “The Birth of Erebus”, these two final pieces came out of Jasper’s work for British Alternative Rock Band Muse, though they were not used as covers they were inspired by the project – see the full selection of Muse A/W here:

** Further Reading:

I hope to feature more on Jasper at some point in the not too distant future, in the meantime however do check his portfolio website for projects past and present:

Gentlemen Broncos – Title Sequence

Gentlemen Broncos – Title Sequence

Gentlenmen Broncos - Title Sequence

Gentlenmen Broncos - Title Sequence

Gentlemen Broncos - Title Sequence

Gentlemen Broncos - Title Sequence

Gentlemen Broncos - Title Sequence

Gentlemen Broncos - Title Sequence

Gentlemen Broncos - Title Sequence

Ian Albinson over at the excellent got in touch with me the other day asking me to help identify the original artists and books that were used in the title sequence of the 2009 Jared Hess (Napoleon Dynamite) Comedy “Gentlemen Broncos“. You can view a movie of the the whole sequence here:

In total of 24 books were used by production designer Richard A Wright in creating the title sequence, and I’ve included a small selection here. A few of the designs look familiar, but I must confess I don’t actually know for sure and wondered whether any readers can help out?

Some notes on the featured images:

Top: This looks either like a Frank Frazetta or possibly Peter Andrew Jones – not sure though!

2nd Top: I was thinking this has an echo of Peter Elson ? looks like a 70’s cover

3rd Top: A really well rendered painting, an older cover I think – early 60s’?

4th Top: This reminds me somewhat of StarWars concept artist Ralph Mcquarrie – late 70’s?

5th Top: No idea here! cool though…

6th Top: Again this looks slightly older – a 60’s cover?

7th Top: I’m pretty sure I’ve seen this one browsing through the extensive Flickr Sci-Fi-Books Pool but alas I didn’t favourite it.

Please do post a comment if you are familiar with any of the covers featured above or from the movie.  Also, do make a point to check out Ian’s site – a superb read & inspiration resource:

Finally here’s a link to the trailer for Gentlemen Broncos staring the excellent Sam Rockwell

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