Sci-Fi-O-Rama is Back on Spotify, Part 2

Sci-Fi-O-Rama is Back on Spotify, Part 2

Sci-Fi-O-Rama returns to Spotify with another selection of new music for your ears!

This time, Ben has pushed further on the aesthetics of his last playlist – moody, ominous textures, punctuated with a bit of shimmering beauty and a few outright bangers. If wandering through cities under grey skies is your sort of thing, Ben is targeting this list right at you.

Listen to it here:

SFOR2018: Ben Selects II

A Seer: Fiction from CG Inglis, Part 4

Sci-Fi-O-Rama presents the fourth installment of A Colour Like Orange: Stories from a Broken World“, a series of interlocking stories from Toronto writer CG Inglis.

In this month’s story, a freelance photographer takes a job documenting the city’s homeless population. What she thought would be a simple gig turns complicated when she meets Maria, a homeless woman who can see what others can’t. In a world full of holes, it can be easy to fall in…

CG Inglis takes us along winding cracks and into dark spaces in “A Seer“.

Street Fantasies: The Wild World of DirtyRobot

Journey to the near future imagined by Daniel Isles where masked gangs rove the streets, telekinetic teenagers wander in clouds of floating candy and machine bits, and giant robots face-off over cyberpunk cityscapes. Better known by his internet alias, DirtyRobot, his world is one where anthropomorphic tigers, multi-armed cyborgs, and levitating witches brush shoulders. His work is wild and wide-ranging in concept, but rendered in a clear graphic hand that fuses it into a natural, stylish whole.