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Sci-Fi-O-Rama returns with a quick feature on a rather special tumblr known simply as ‘UI BAKA‘.

Originating from ‘The Land of the Rising Sun’ this tumblr celebrates the art of sci-fi interfaces with a particular slant towards Japanese Anime, something we’ve shamefully rarely covered.

So what to expect? Well all things bright and beautiful of course, and in this case that’s glowing wire spheres, rippling sine waves, flickering binaries and a large dollop of a targeting reticles.

Indeed whatever the incandescent element, and no matter the function, as long as somethings spins or pulses, it works.

sci-fi-o-rama uibaka 04

As prior alluded I’m no expert on Anime, indeed far from it. So alas no idea on the origin or the function of collected displays. But then I guess that’s the point, as long as it looks cool right?

In the realm of the Sci-Fi visual interface, form obliterates function.

sci-fi-o-rama uibaka 05

sci-fi-o-rama uibaka 03

sci-fi-o-rama uibaka 02

Note that with most displays static is often inherent, I mean would you want a cyberpunk OS that actually works?


sci-fi-o-rama uibaka 06


Although the animated GIF poetically frames the art of UI motion it’s of course difficult to make out the detail. Fortunately UI Baka also features a large selection of regular JPG and PNG (such as the above) for your viewing pleasure reference.

So there you have it, a fantastical little tumblr, and well worth a quick peruse.

Check it out UI BAKA here: uibaka.tumblr.com

PS: if anyone recognises the Anime, please let me know and I’ll link to it.

We shall return soon!

4 thoughts on “UI BAKA”

  1. The third image is definitely Neon Genesis Evangelion! Not sure about the others but some of them might be from the same saga as well.

  2. If I recall correctly: the Magi are three AIs aiding humans in the battles against the Angels. The latter are creatures that can display many kinds of abilities and can take many forms, among which that of a computer virus in one of the episodes. The indicators in the UI are the states of health/corruption of the AIs’ “brains” upon invasion from an Angel/virus.

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