Bob Layzell @ Dynamite Gallery, Brighton, UK. From 2nd – 10th May 2014

Bob Layzell

Bob Layzell is an illustrator from the golden age of British Sci-fi art. That means two things, 70’s book covers and the Terran Trade Authority (TTA).

We’ve swung the spotlight in this direction as Layzell is having an exhibition of his paintings at the Dynamite Gallery in Brighton. The show runs for two weeks from 2nd – 10th May 2014

Bob Layzell

Layzell’s contemporaries of this era include the likes of Chris Foss, Peter Andrew Jones, Peter Elson, Tim White, Angus Mckie, Tony Roberts to name but a few. Of course all though Sci-fi themes are often similar each artist uses a markedly different approach in both technique and design. For examples Chris Foss’s designs feature trademark check and diagonal patterns whilst Peter Andrew Jones works has a strong 50’s futurist styling.

Bob Layzell

Layzell’s colourful work has a slick sinister edginess and his designs posses a gritty, apocalyptic and alien feel. As with all work haling from this epoch it’s fascinating stuff, we highly recommend a viewing.

Bob Layzell

Here’s the press release with more info:

For all you lovers of Sci-Fi, Dynamite Gallery has a treat in store for you!

From the 2nd – 10th May, Bob Layzell, the incredible cover artist of so many of the 1970’s sci-fi books is having his first ever solo show

You will be able to pick up a free poster (the above image), and get it signed by the man himself on 2 days during the week (Dates TBC)

Originals and Limited Edition Prints will be on sale including a new piece created for the show, to be auctioned off on the 10th May (time TBC)

5 orignal pieces (not including the auction piece) will be for sale

!Free entry!


The 1st exclusive look at this iconic work for 25 years

Doors open at 7:30, night ends at 10:30

Bob Layzell meet and greet


Private View by request

Please contact:


Thanks too Henry & Matt for the tip off.

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  1. I was given a copy of TTA when i was very young and was completely taken by it, im sure this book was directly responsible for my life long fascination with scifi and space travel! I still have it and it is highly cherished.

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