Luke Wyatt – Sad Stonewash (a Video Mulch)

It’s rare to come across a piece of art that really moves me. This odyssey of distortion does just that.

Unnerving, strangely touching and certainly one of the most spellbinding and hallucinatory 5 minutes of music video your ever likely to see. This is but a taster of Luke Wyatt’s ‘Sad Stonewash’ (a Video Mulch) a 40 minute sojourn into the abyss of VHS.

“Video Mulch” is Wyatt’s trademark form of extreme analog Video Processing, created using a combo of outdated analogue and digital tools.

Wyatt describes the process as thus:

“I select video to appropriate based on its mood resonance or compositional zing. My VCR gets beat up with a size 13 docksider until it makes errors and the VHS tape spits up on itself. While digitizing the video I induce the computer to make mistakes by not telling it the truth about the data it is ingesting. I isolate the mistakes I like best, outline them, and send them back to my VCR, resuming the docksider attack, repeating this process until things attain an anti-sheen, losing any crisp edge, as if they had always belonged together. I then arrange the images in an order that must appear equally inevitable.”

Not only did Wyatt forge this astonishing visual experience he also scored the haunting, melancholic soundtrack. Refreshingly far-out and very raw I highly recommend checking out his Torn Hawk project, a link to a recent live set.

Though they should of course be seen in motion here’s a few frames to demonstrate just how rich this garbled alien tapestry is.

Luke Wyatt 'Video Mulch'

Luke Wyatt 'Video Mulch'

Luke Wyatt 'Video Mulch'

Luke Wyatt 'Video Mulch'

For more on Luke Wyatt visit either his website: or his youtube channel

To purchase a copy of the recently released Sad Stonewash DVD visit

3 thoughts on “Luke Wyatt – Sad Stonewash (a Video Mulch)”

  1. Great video. Happy to have a new post as I was starting to resent that syringe weilding tiger monk with his cold symmetrical stare. At the end youtube suggested another video that I thought you might dig, not nearly as artistic as this but possibly up the respective alleys your readership’s ilk

  2. cheers Kale, haha Syringe Weilding Tiger Monk… yeah he did outstay his welcome!

    Aaaah the Star Rider clip, yeap I’ve seen that before but not with that soundtrack. I think the clip I watched had a PsycheMagick video dubbed over the top, which lead me to this slightly camp little gem:

    I’m going to focuson the pioneering CGI video stuff soon, so I’ll definitely include the Star Rider… thanks for the link and the comment :)

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