New Poster Art

Alejandro Magallanes - Behind The American Dream

‘Behind The American Dream’ Alejandro Magallanes (Mexico 2001)

This selection is a book sampler ‘New Poster Art’ published by Thames & Hudson in 2008. I picked up a copy after spying a fellow commuter thumbing through it on my regular morning train journey. As the title suggests Its a fairly weighty compendium of selected poster Design, Typography and Illustration pulling in artists from across the planet…

The books global nature makes it interesting by default, encompassing an extremely varied selection of art and applied graphical technique. Here’s a taster with a few notes…

'Unknown Land' AGI Poster

‘Unknown Land’ AGI Poster (Netherlands 2007) Bob van Dijk
An interesting abstract blend of bold primary colours and grungy line work, lovely stuff.

Dieter Feseke - Maria Stuart by Friedrich Schiller

 ‘Maria Stuart by Friedrich Schiller’ – Dieter Feseke, Theatre Poster (Germany 2002-3)

As the above example demonstrates ‘New Post Art’ is full of examples of Silkscreen printed work, and thus many excellent references for contrasting, complimenting or accented colour swatches.

'Manascreen' Shinnoske Sugisaki (Japan 2004)

‘Manascreen’ Shinnoske Sugisaki (Japan 2004)|
25th Anniverary, poster a silkscreen company

This is one of those scans that no matter how long you try to tweak it’s never going to look a patch on the original, though I hope this gives an indication. A wonderful abstract piece of minimalism.

'Printed Matter No.1' Russell Warren-Fisher

‘Printed Matter No.1’ (The Life and Death Issue) promotional poster.
Russell Warren-Fisher (UK 2002)

Again this is another thats subtle details have been lost a little in the translation back to screen. Lovely soft texturing and considered layering of warm grey hues underpin an image thats though stunning creates quite a feeling of discomfort.

'All One' - Reza Abedini 2006

‘AllOne’ Exhibition Poster, Reza Abedini (Iran, 2006)

As mentioned in the intro the ‘New Poster Art’  features global poster design, particularly interesting from the collection is the work of  Iranian Graphic Artist Reza Abedini and his take on modern Persian Typography. He’s produced some really jaw dropping poster art, see more at

'100 Best Posters 02' Dieter Fiedler

‘100 Best Posters 02’ Dieter Fiedler, Cyan (Germany 2003)

Finish up with another bold coloured typographical selection from Dieter Fiedler, a pretty cool demonstration of  the use of positive and negative space.


New Poster Art

So then, that pretty much wraps things up. A book I’d heartily recommend to any Graphic Designer or Artist, particularly so if you have an interest in silkscreen printing or similar.

‘New Poster Art’  was published in 2008 by Thames Hudson and is the work of authors Cees W. de Jong and  Stefanie Burger. I picked up my copy via Amazon, here’s a link: New Post Art

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