Spotify Playlist #04 ‘Flashback’

Spotify Playlist #04 ‘Flashback’

Duda Lanna - pattern

As they’ve proved popular I thought I’d put together another hour long Spotify set.  Essentially these are Tracks I’ve enjoyed in the last year or so, yeap It’s another Collection of  80’s inspired Cosmic/Italo tinged House & Techno, a quick check on what to expect, and then the track list.

• Multi-layered and delayed spaced out sounds
• Galloping Synths
• Chattering Appergiator Riffs
• Twinkling harmonics
• Middling camp factor

1. Blondes – ‘Synthesist‘  2011 Rvng Intl
Pretty much love anything from this Brooklyn based duo, a really distinctive layering sound.

2. Sven Weisemann – ‘Slices’ (Boris Hotton Mix) 2008 liebe*detail spezial
Missed this first time around, classy minimal Germanic Tech House.

3. John Daly – ‘Flashback’ 2009 Wave Music
Another superb 80’s-esque synth cut from this extremely talented Irish producer, taken from John’s 2009 album ‘Sea and Sky‘.

4. Ripperton – ‘Farra’ 2010, Green
Love the way the sounds are balanced here, creating a spooky, distant dreamscape. Track is taken from Ripperton’s 2010 album ‘Niwa‘.

5. Âme – ‘Excelsior’2006, Sonar Kollektiv
A tripped out, downtempo sojourn from this superb German act.

6. Cosmo Vitelli‘Running Backwards’2011, I’m A Cliché
A dark, robotic tech-house chugger, with a rocking End-of-the-world type feel.

7. Nick Chacona – ‘Be like Olive’2010, Moodmusic
An excellent, deep-but-mellow cut hailing from Nick’s debut album ‘Love in the Middle“.

8. Ilya Santana – ‘Dance Beyond‘ – 2010, Eskimo Recordings
A superb Moroder-esque monster from a very gifted Belgian producer with all the right references. Also a label stablemate of the superb Aeroplane.

** Here’s the link for the playlist: – enjoy!!

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The kaleidoscopic image is taken from from the Flickr stream of Brazilian artist and designer Duda Lanna (AKA Eduardo Michelini Lanna). I’ll be sure to feature more from him soon, in the meantime check a top portfolio.

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