Jonathan Zawada (1) Selected Works

Jonathan Zawada - notes-n-tokes

Johnathan Zawada - Populations

Jonathan Zawada - herakles dog

Johnathan Zawada - Vallery 2011

Johnathan Zawada - it-was-on-earth-i-knew-joy

Johnathan Zawada - Six Pack

Johnathan Zawada - gunboat willy-no type

Above sits a wonderful cross section of art, illustration and design, not the work of an agency, collective or duo but in fact products of just one individual, Sydney based artist and designer Johnathan Zawada. I first came across Jonathan’s work whilst perusing the phenomenal inspiration repository that is (macro mode). As you will know the quality of the curation there is exceedingly high, each feature generally astonishing, however I was particularly drawn to the spectacular, otherworldly iridescence of Jonathan’s ‘Over Time’ series. This lead me back to his home site Exhibition and Commercial portfolios, where I researched and selected samples for presentation here.

Top & 2nd top: ‘Notes n Tokes’ and ‘Populations’. An exhibition of large scale drawings and oil paintings at Prism Gallery, Los Angeles from December 16, 2010 – February 28, 2011. The landscape topographies were derived from graph data (displayed as printed mirrors on accompanying plinths), modeled in 3D and then oil paintings created from those 3D renders. To see more check:

3rd top: From Johnathan’s commercial portfolio a cover illustration on the the theme of ‘purple’ for Japanese creative magazine Brain.

4th top ‘Vallery 2011’ a photograph of part of Jonathan’s ‘Free Dumb’ exhibition, more on that here: I think the twisted jet is an F16 Falcon by the way…

5th top: A poster design to celebrate the premiere of Jean-Baptiste de Laubier’s film ‘It Was On Earth That I Knew Joy’, a 35 min science fiction film. Watch it on vimeo

6th top: An optical illusion rendered in a retro-tech fashion. Another inspired design, this time for the French clothing label Six Pack

Bottom: Signing off with this cheeky Disney adaption ‘Gunboat Willy’ an Identity design for a mens’ shoe label. Love it!

For further reading, if you haven’t already do visit Johnathan’s home site or follow him through Flickr

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