European Starwars Posters

Italian Star Wars Poster

The Empire Strikes Back

Empire Strikes Back

Here’s an expansion on something I tweeted last week, apologies to those who’ve already seen this set. If you didn’t see the thread and in particular are a Starwars fan, then your in for a bit of treat!

Now then, here’s a selection of three posters lifted from a larger crop over at a Chelloveck is an Hungarian Sci-Fi website, so if your a backward monolingual speaker like me and/or your Hungarian’s somewhat limited then try viewing the site in Chrome, as it’ll attempt auto-translation for you. Before I start with some ramblings on my selection be sure to check out the full post over at Chelloveck Onto the notes:

Top: “Guerre Stellari” – This is a rendering for the Italian market, as with the others presumably used to promote the cinema release of the film. A slick, pretty camp graphic style that wouldn’t look out of place splashed over a pinball table or retro arcade machine. Art by Michelangelo Papuzza.

Middle: Moving on from the light ‘disco-esque’ Italian offering we have this slightly freaky example from Hungary. This is actually part of a set of three, check the other two here: I don’t remember the winged lizards either, but love the style. Artist responsible is Tibor Helényi (thanks Chelloveck).

Bottom: The final part of my selection hails from Poland, a real design gem this one with a wonderful diffused look, similar in vain to this Roman Cieslewicz piece I posted back in 2008. This piece dates from 1983 and is the work of Miroslaw Lakomski, see more of his work, and other far out design here: no one does Movie posters quite like the Poles – superb!

18 thoughts on “European Starwars Posters”

  1. Oh, not at all. I owed you one for the link. :)

    In the meantime I’ve traced down the name of the Italian cover artist, he’s called Michelangelo Papuzza.

  2. I like all three posters better than the ones I usually see around here. I can picture the Italian one on a pinball machine once you suggested it. That may be why it appeals, used to play pinball many years ago. The Polish style is my favorite. Thanks for showing them.

  3. There’s something definitely unique about it Wayne I agree there :-) yeah it certainly would be different…IMHO a Darker edge is what StarWars need

  4. Here in the office we have to say that we are really fascinated by the european poster designs of the time, they just don’t make them the way they used to, they simply were art pieces in themselves.

    If any of you have information on more of Michelangelo Papuzza’s work please let me know. We really are eating this stuff up…

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