Flickr Round Up (4) Jan 11

Energy Zero

Lord of Light

Merlins Ring

Just a quick Flickr roundup here, hopefully, followed tomorrow (or very soon) by a larger special feature, then I’m off to India until the 5th of Feb. To the notes then…

Top: “Energy Zero” Sci-Fi Book cover art dating from 1976. Love this trippy janus-head inspired design. Artist unknown, please post if you know, via (as always) Mystique_123_2000

2nd Top: “Lord of Light” Psychedelic graphics with a lovely colour palette. Published in 1967 by double day, once again Artist/Designer unknown. Via another Flicker fave Wolfwings

Bottom: “Merlins Ring” Some out and out fantasy from 1975 in the form of a classic Ballatine book cover, first time I’ve ever seen a fire breathing swan, so naturally a big thumbs up. Image by surrealist artist Gervasio Gallardo via Nick Pope.

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Kelly Freas (2)

Kelly Freas - Rhapsody In Black


Frank Kelly Freas - Our Childrens Children

Kelly Freas - Mayenne



Happy New Year! here’s the first post of 2011 on Sci-Fi-O-Rama. Before I start regular readers may notice some minor aesthetic changes, I’ve altered the design slightly to make use of a header menu as to optimize space. I’ve also added (fixed) a google ad to the bottom of the sidebar – I hope this isn’t too obtrusive – it’s there just to help cover the cost of the bandwidth. So then on with the post and here’s a selection of psychedelic edged female portraiture from the late American artist Frank Kelly Freas (Aug 1922 – Jan 2005).

Frank Kelly Freas (also just Kelly Freas) enjoyed a career over 50 years working at the