Flickr Round Up (3) Nov 10

Neil Krug - Sing

Vangel Naumovski

Matthew Leibowitz - Gerneral Dynamics

Stan Chow - Green Lady

David Meltzer - The Worlds Of Theodore Sturgeon

Adrian Chesterman - Roadside Picnic

A mixture of contemporary and retro imagery here with another round up of my recent Flickr favourites. Here’s the notes on this selection:

Top: “My Chemical Romance – Sing” Cover art by Director/Photographer Neil Krug. I’ve been meaning to post some of Neils work for a while as I follow his superb flickr photostream – a really beautiful and distinctive, warm technicolor style that oozes class. Much of Neils work has a real dreamlike quality and although I can’t say I’m a fan Chemical Romance (tbh I don’t really know anything about them!) I do love this portrait, great costume – then again who’s not going to look good in a primary coloured 70’s Ski Jacket and Soviet Tank Helmet?

2nd top: “Lake Bride” by Vangel Naumovski (1924-2006). This one I book marked via another Flickr Photostream I highly recommend: A Journey Round My Skull curated by Will Schofield who regularly posts some truly jaw drop art and illustration, this image by the late Macedonian Artist Vangel Naumovski being no exception.

See a full set of Vangel’s work at

3rd top: Matthew Leibowitz – “Apollo – The first moon landing is merely a prelude to future space launchings. Future astronauts will explore constellations.” Photomontage Graphic for American defense contractor General Dynamics, this dates from 1965. See more from this set at the full post over at originally spotted via another excellent Flickr Stream that of: junkyard.dogs

4th top: “The Green Lady” a Vladimir Tretchikoff contemporary tribute by Manchester based Illustrator Stan Chow. I’m a big fan of Stans work and in particular his gorgeous Adobe Illustrator portraiture, a really confident style with subtle shapes and colouring – excellent stuff! See more at: and here: Just to jog your memory the original Green Lady looks like this which was once (60s/70’s) one of the worlds most popular reproduced paintings.

5th top: “The Worlds of Theodore Sturgeon” SF Book Cover Art dating from 1972, by David Meltzer. This unusual illustration caught my eye and I was thinking the sinister river of demon eyed wolf heads would make a pretty cool tattoo –  spewing down the back from the nape of ones neck?  erm, just a thought! I probably won’t be getting it done… Via Flickr user: Jim Linwood

Bottom: “Roadside Picnic” Another strange and slightly deranged airbrushed SF Book Cover from Adrian Chesterman this one dates from 1979. I’m not sure exactly what it is – the “Simon-esque” console perhaps? – but this just screams late 70’s early 80’s… art via Flickr user qualityapeman (quality user name!)

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  1. That’s the exact edition of Roadside Picnic I own, bought secondhand purely on the cover art (never heard of it before…) Now probably my favourite book.

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