Eric Fraser (1)

Eric Fraser - Red Dragon Express

Eric Fraser - Beowulf

Eric Fraser - Exploration of the Moon

Eric Fraser - The Laxdale Saga

A long overdue feature on Eric George Fraser (June 11, 1902 – November 15, 1983), one of the great British Illustrators of his time. Eric’s most renowned for creating lavish covers for the long running Radio Times Magazine as well Illustrating many classic scenes from mythology, Shakespeare and Tolkien – Here’s some notes on the featured images:

Top: The Red Dragon Express – British Railways menu card dating from 1960 via Flickr User: Mikeyashworth

2nd top: Eric Fraser Beowulf & Dragon via Flickr user: hitmissmaybe

3rd top: Exploration of the Moon – book jacket 1965, again via Flickr User: Mikeyashworth– The structure is very Norman Foster Associates!

4th top: St Peter, St Paul and Atilla (Pen Ink and Watercolour) dust jacket cover 1968 via:

5th top: The Talisman (Watercolour and Bodycolour) 1956 via:

6th top: Laxdolela Saga (Pen and Ink) Dust Jacket 1964 via:

Bottom: Smaug (Pen and Ink) Illustration taken from The Hobbit published by the Folio Society in 1976 (thanks for the tip Zhu) see the full set here:


For further reading and or galleries, check out:

Eric Fraser @ with a chance to buy signed prints…

Also check this Flickr group: Eric Fraser – artist and illustrator

Finally here’s a link to buy Eric Fraser: Designer and Illustrator a hardback coffee table book compiled by Sylvia Backemeyer.

6 thoughts on “Eric Fraser (1)”

  1. Hey Russ,

    I thought you’d appreciate, some truly stunning work… I’d love to own a signed print, or failing that the Sylvia Backemeyer book…


  2. Frazer was an absolute master. A nice selection here. BTW Frasers Hobbit was published by the Folio Society – the first edition was 1976, unfortunately the missus says I’ve too many Hobbits already!

  3. the Folio Society also did a version [in 4 volumes] of “The Book of the Thousand Nights & One Nights ( “Arabian Nights”)” with engravings by Eric Fraser.

    Ps – there is a version on sale at moment on Ebay [ and it’s not me -:)]

  4. Slight correction on my dating – the ’76 Folio Society hobbit had Tolkiens original drawings in it (used Allen and Unwins book block in new binding) – the Fraser edition was first published in ’79.

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