The Destruction of Neo Tokyo

The Destruction of Neo Tokyo

Katsuhiro Otomo - Neo Tokyo

The Destruction of Neo Tokyo

The Destruction of Neo Tokyo

The Destruction of Neo Tokyo

The Destruction of Neo Tokyo

More extraordinarily complex draughtsmanship from Katushiro Otomo’s 2182-page manga masterpiece “Akira”.

**Possible Spoilers**

The above images are taken from the end of Akira book 3 published by Dark Horse comics, I used to have the colourised version compiled by Epic Comics but alas, it’s long since vanished! For those of you perhaps more familiar with the 1988 animated movie but not the Manga, I’d thoroughly recommend checking it out, the story is massively more complex, intertwining a multitude of characters and many recurring, explicitly described locations…

The reason I chose to feature this set was I still vividly remember how much of an effect these illustrations had on me as an aspiring artist/designer, the detail is beyond phenomenal. Of particular interest is not just the superb architectural designs but the way the building are crowned with differing mix of signage, communication arrays, air conditioning systems, water towers etc….

Akira volume 01 is available over on Amazon and all good bookshops!

** Edit – Also check a good place to pick up all the volumes at retail – cheers for the tip DQN

More on Katsuhiro Otomo here:

17 thoughts on “The Destruction of Neo Tokyo”

  1. I’ve always been curious how much of this was done singlehandedly by Otomo—seeing as lots of Japanese manga is produced in a studio system overseen by one creator. Otherwise it’s just such a herculean task, I have a hard time wrapping my mind around one guy drawing all six volumes of Akira.

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  3. Hey, man these are awesome! Thanks for posting Kie!
    No mention of the amazing movie
    Regarding the movie, I was under the impression the comic still wasn’t finished when Katushiro was making the it, hence the differences.

  4. Also everyone here MUST check out Domu: A Child’s Dream by Katushiro Otomo, if you haven’t already.
    Again it has some amazing drawing in it especially the perspective in the flying scenes, mind boggling!
    here is an example:
    To me its a comic where all the genre tropes of boys action comics are incidental to the real story of the dull mundane horror of working class life.

  5. Hey Draw,

    good to hear from you, yeah oops I prob should link to the movie there… I’ll update that later

    yeah the Movie was produced two thirds of the way through the Manga, I kinda view it as a Remix. Both equally brilliant of course

    Ok so cheers for the tip there also, I havent seen Domu, though have heard of it before, I’ll add that to the Research and future post lists!

    cheers for the tip!


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