History of The 20th Century

History of The 20th Century

History of The 20th Century - Wrangel is coming


History of The 20th Century - Spion Kop

Ok so something a little different here, Non SF/Fantasy related material!

The above images come from a full colour 1968 Magazine Publication “History of the 20th Century” that I came across recently. The magazine was a long running weekly publication that built up in to volumes of 16, forming a substantial encyclopedia of mankinds recent past – as you can imagine, the focus is on colonialism, imperialism and of course war and its devastating effects that have shaped our modern world…

Aside from the extremely in depth content “History of the 20th Century” contains some stunning imagery, all of which has a real “technicolor” saturated feel photography in the way that only 40+ year old colour print can have.

Some notes on the images:

Top: Illustration from a poster produced by the Bolsheviks during the Russian Civil War (1917-20). Wrangelm the White (anti-Bolshevik) general, is shown striding towards Moscow, accompanied by Tsarist officers, a train of priests, officials and capitalists all bearing Tsarist flags… The slogan for this poster was “Wrangel is Coming! Proletarians to arms!”

2nd Top: Allegorical painting: comment on the legacy of war by Russian artist Vereshchagin. Painted in the early years of the 20th Century.

Bottom: From an extensive article on The Boer War; This map details part of the timeline from “The battle of Spion Kop” – which the article notes was perhaps the bloodiest single engagement of the war.

For more imagery from “History of the 20th Century” check Flickr user Mando Maniacs gallery

3 thoughts on “History of The 20th Century”

  1. Excuse me while I nitpick about Vasily Vereshchagin’s painting (The Apotheosis of War) which most online sources date as being from 1871. A friend had a set of those magazines, and they were the first place I’d seen that painting after Throbbing Gristle used on the cover of their Something Came Over Me single. I wouldn’t be surprised if TG swiped it after seeing it in the mag.


  2. cheers for pointing that out John – I’ll update the article, I just copied the article notes verbatim – should of done my research! – nevermind!

    Yeap I agree I bet they lifted Vasily Vereshchagin’s painting after seeing in the magazine…

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