Adrian Chesterman - The Status Civilization

Adrian Chesterman – The Status Civilization

Adrian Chesterman - The Status Civilization

Ok Before I start must confess to a bit of stage fright as It’s so long since I’ve actually posted anything!

First off many apologies for the long pause and the lack of response to comments and emails (I will work my way back through them shortly) my reason for extended pause and dropping out of the blogosphere has been purely work related, I will now try and resume a normal level of posting – thanks for bearing with me! – So then, onto the first post…

This superbly executed airbrushing is a follow up to Adrian Chesterman -Tiger! Tiger! another gorgeous (if warped) Penguin SF Book cover that dates from 1979. What I really love the sinister styling and precision Adrian’s deployed in nailing this twisted composition, a fitting feature to kick off the Sci-Fi-O-Rama reboot…

Too see more of british artist Adrian Chesterman’s versatile and extensive portfolio check his new website and in addition his older site:

5 thoughts on “Adrian Chesterman – The Status Civilization”

  1. Hurrah! The blog is not dead. :) Good thing that I have waited it out and not removed the bookmark! Welcome back!

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