Tim Hildebrandt - Barbarella

Tim Hildebrandt – Barbarella


The stunning Barbarella, as visualised by the late Tim Hildebrandt an America illustrator who worked with his brother Greg (as “The Brothers Hildebrandt”) producing art  for many famous film, book and comic franchises; StarWars, Tolkien and Harry Potter and many more.

Check out “The Brothers Hilbert” official site for a full sample of their collective portfolio http://www.brothershildebrandt.com/ and of particular interest there is this really slick set of Star Wars Illustrations http://www.brothershildebrandt.com/starwars.htm

Many thanks to Sérgio for the lead on this, I’ll definitely be posting more Hildebrandt art…

Also if you fancy a quick brush up on Barbarella, if only to remind yourself of just how amazing Jane Fonda looks in the sumper-camp 1968 classic! check the original trailer here http://www.imdb.com/video/screenplay/vi3858367257/

2 thoughts on “Tim Hildebrandt – Barbarella”

  1. i found it so hilarious that within the first half hour of the movie, she crashed her space ship twice and slept with two guys.
    i loved it though, so it doesn’t even matter.
    this artwork is great as well. :)

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