Brecht Vandenbroucke – Polar Expedition

Brecht Vandenbroucke - Polar Expedition

A polar expedition about to be ruined (in a big way) by a bizarrely crowned, giant furry humanoid…

This is the work of zany Belgian Illustrator Brecht Vandenbroucke, an artist who specialises in mixing playful cartoon-like, video game visuals with horror and general weirdness… Suffice to say then, that his portfolio includes some pretty far out work, definitely raises a smile for me.

To see more of Brecht’s work check his Flickr Photostream or blog

Werner Ruhner – Der Purpurne Planet

Werner Ruhner  – Der Purpurne Planet

Werner Rhuner - Der Purpurne Planet

Werner Ruhner - Der Purpurne Planet

Werner Ruhner - Der Purpurne Planet

Werner Ruhner - Der Purpurne Planet

Ok, this post I’ve put together with the help of Tommi Bren over at the excellent an excellent online archive of science fiction literature…

The above images are taken from the 1971 German Sci-Fi Novella “Der Purpurne Planet” (The Purple Planet) Illustrations are from excellent Werner Ruhner, whom I confess to knowing little about! though very much like his style… Fortunately, Tommi has helped with some translation, and here’s a little bit more on Werner via German Wiki:

Werner Ruhner born 27 May 1922 in Meerane, Sachsen, Germany – According to the very short entry at Wikipedia, he is or was an assistant at the Hochschule für Grafik und Buchkunst Leipzig (where the artists Neo Rauch and Peter Piller teach,

Tim Hildebrandt – Barbarella


The stunning Barbarella, as visualised by the late Tim Hildebrandt an America illustrator who worked with his brother Greg (as “The Brothers Hildebrandt”) producing art for many famous films, book and comic franchises; StarWars, Tolkien and Harry Potter and many more.

Check out “The Brothers Hilbert” official site for a full sample of their collective portfolio and of particular interest there is this really slick set of Star Wars Illustrations

Many thanks to Sérgio for the lead on this, I’ll definitely be posting more Hildebrandt art…

Also if you fancy a quick brush up on Barbarella, if only to remind yourself of just how amazing Jane Fonda looks in the super-camp 1968 classic! check the original trailer here

Dan Mcpharlin – Making Up A Changing Mind

Dan Mcpharlin - Making Up A Changing Mind

A recent E.P Cover from Dan McPharlin the first in a planned series of three, lovely stuff as usual blurring the line between hard Sci-Fi and abstract geometric design/art, washed with a beautiful lime palette. The font used is the classic Serif Gothic looks great particularly in the heavier cuts.

Art via Dan’s regularly updated Flickr Stream

Dean Ellis – The World Inside

Dean Ellis - The World Inside

More superior 70’s retro book cover art via the fabulous Dean Ellis, really dig the spartan typography here. The font is ITC Busorama (thanks Eric/Martin/John!) nice and clean…

This cover has a suitably epic feel, similar in vein to the covers Dean conjured up for Larry Niven’s Ringworld series, I added a post RE those last year click here for a refresher

Art via one my Flickr Favs: mystique123_2000

Michael Foreman - Erik the Viking

Michael Foreman - Erik the Viking

Michael Foreman - Erik the Viking

Michael Foreman - Erik the Viking

Michael Foreman - Erik the Viking

A selection of five enchanting watercolour/inks Illustrations taken from the 1983 Children’s Story “The Saga of Erik the Viking” penned by Terry Jones (of Monty Python) and lovingly illustrated by British artist Michael Foreman.

This is a book I remember well from childhood, and recently picked up a copy via Amazon, the story centre’s on around Erik’s and his loyal companions following their epic voyage in search of ‘the land where the sun goes down at night’. It’s a great read for kids & adults alike featuring some truly mesmerising Illustrations that fit the text perfectly, you really feel the cold