Eyke Volkmer (1)

Eyke Volkmer

Eyke Volkmer

Eyke Volkmer

Eyke Volkmer

Eyke Volkmer

Eyke Volkmer

These powerful, minimal designs with a Fauvist-like palette are a small selection of the art of Eyke Volkmer a German Graphic Artist/Illustrator. During the 60’s & 70’s Eyke worked closely with publishing House Wilhelm Goldmann, and during this period produced a total of 162 airbrushed covers for the SF series “Goldmanns Weltraum Taschenbücher” and another 70 covers for the series “Goldmanns Zukunftsromane”, his publisher once remarked to Vokmer: “It doesn’t look like that in outer space.” but encouraged him to follow and develop his unique and prolific style.

You can see the full set of “Weltraum Taschenbücher” covers at covers http://www.weltraumtaschenbuch.de and there’s a full bio on Eyke here: http://www.weltraumtaschenbuch.de/pages/eyke_volkmer.html

Many thanks to Tommi Bren for getting in touch with the link, Tommi set up the

District 9 (Gif Loop)

Here’s something I’ve not featured for a while, a bandwidth-crunching animated GIF!

This frenzied loop is ripped from Neill Blomkamp’s magnificent “District 9” (2009), for my money the best all-round, accessible Sci-Fi flick since Jim Cameron’s “Aliens” (1986). The great thing about District 9 is that it’s a Sci-fi film that spans way beyond the confines of just one genre, it’s an absolutely fascinating blend of docudrama, social commentary, cutting-edge Sci-fi, and (sporadic) breakneck action – add to this the very finest Peter’s Jackson “Splatterhouse” FX then lace with wry black humour – superb! I also think a very good indicator of its greatness is the fact that most of my friends enjoyed it, and (unlike myself) most of them aren’t geeks!

I’ll say nothing about the featured footage, just in case you’ve still not seen it! anyway you should – available at Amazon http://bit.ly/bwBWiO << treat yourself to the Blu-Ray I reckon....

Alien Syndrome Marquee

Sinistar Marquee

Commando Marquee

Asteroids Marquee

Tempest Marquee

Crystal Castles

Zaxxon Marquee

Galaxian Marquee

Galaga Marquee

Bosconian Marquee

Rastan Marquee

A selection of Coin-Op/Arcade Machine “Marquees” beaming gloriously in brash 80’s technicolour… Marquees (in case you didn’t know) are used to illuminate the name of an arcade game at the top of its cabinet.

Stopping with a friend recently I was reminded of just how amazing this art is as he has a small selection of these marquees as fridge

Wilson McLean – Dilation Effect

Wilson McLean - Dilation Effect

Another retro Sci-Fi Book cover from the golden era of SF Book covers – the 1970’s –  this trippy cover is the work of Scottish Illustrator Wilson Mclean and was commissioned for the 1973 Ballatine edition of “Dilation Effect” penned by Douglas R.Mason

A little more on Wilson McLean at Wiki http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wilson_McLean
and his official site: http://wilsonmclean.com/

Art via Flickr User: mystique123_2000 << recommended Photostream.

David Jien (1)

David Jien (1)

David Jien - Wildstylin' at bat mountain

David Jien - Top Wizard 1

David Jien - Galmara

David Jien - Visitor

Beautiful B/W graphite art from the extremely quirky world of David Jien

David recently graduated from the art centre college of design and currently lives and works in Los Angeles, California. Most of his drawings are about certain cultures and rituals that take place in a parallel world, David describes this as “my metaverse”.

Notes on the Images:

Top: Wildstyling at Bat Mountain (great title!)
2nd Top: Top Wizard 1
3rd Top:  Galmara
Bottom: Visitor

David’s notes on Galmara:
“Galmara” is the name of a house, over time, the natural landscape around the house is slowly reclaiming it. Instead of fighting it, the lady who lives in the house has embraced this and allows the animals and trees to live with her. Galmara’s windows and doors are always open. She does, however,