McMurdo Station Antarctica

McMurdo Station Antarctica

Sunset at Mcmurdo Station

Ok so something of a different post – real world – a 21st century frontier town glowing in Antarctic twilight.

This photograph is of Antarctica’s largest settlement & it’s logistical hub, the US administered “McMurdo Station” at it’s peak home to over 1,200 residents…

I picked this image for a couple of reasons, firstly because anything to do with the icy wastes of Antarctica fascinates me! and secondly because it looks very much like a recently “terraformed” world in the mould of a certain James Cameron film….

Also of note, that is an active volcano in the background; the 3,794 meters high Mount Erebus here’s another excellent shot that gives a real sense of it’s mass the nearby neighboring New Zealand research station “Scott Base” (seen on right) is approx 3 miles from McMurdo…

Read more about McMurdo at Wikipedia: Photo is via the National Science Foundation

2 thoughts on “McMurdo Station Antarctica”

  1. This has been by far the place I wished to visit most for the last couple years… The base seems full of the most interesting people, and the landscape is just unbelievable. Watch “Encounters at the end of the world” by Herner Werzog when you have the chance.

  2. Cheers for the comment Stefano,

    I’d heard about Werzog’s film, but forgotten about it… till now!

    I’ll get that ordered on Amazon immediately…

    Thanks :)

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