Patrick Woodroffe – The Oak & The Ram

Patrick Woodroffe - Oak and the Ram

Some pretty far out and slightly Horrific Psychedelic Fantasy Illustration from English artist Patrick Woodroffe.  this piece used a cover art for the 1974 edition of Micheal Moorcock’s ‘The Oak and The Ram’ published by Quartet buy atorvastatin 20 mg uk Books, London.

Art is via Flickr User: Jovike, I highly reccomend checking out his Photostream over there, loads of super cool stuff including retro SF novel covers and Record Sleeves….. Also Check his Blog:

The Omen II – Poster

The Omen II Poster

This expertly crafted clean and striking design is one of the original promotional posters for the 1978 Horror sequel Damien: Omen II – the follow on from the 1976 original classic “The Omen”.

I saw this years ago as a kid and found it pretty freaky, in that weird way that only 70’s horror can be – something to do with everyone wandering round in flares? – though I actually kinda think all paedo-phobic horror (Village of the Damned etc) is genuinely creepy! Check the original trailer here:

So there you go, a really cool poster, and I’ll add that the Raven is one of my favourite birds – slightly off topic, but Crow’s actually have a high level of intelligence having been observed to fashion and use tools and even play tricks on one and other!  Here’s quite an interesting read if you have 5 mins: and another one on avian intelligence in general…

One last thing, can any type spotter’s identify the two Serif font’s use here? not sure whether the title is an actual font or rather just a distressed version of