Shusei Nagaoka (1) Space Flower & Station

Shusei Nagaoka (1) Space Flower & Station

Shusei Nagaoka - Space flower

Shusei Nagaoka - Station

Two samples from Japanese Airbrush Illustrator Shusei Nagaoka, these gorgeous Tron-Esque hand rendering’s dating from 1984, kinda reminds me of the Cray Super Computer work used in The Last Starfighter. Shusei Nagaoka was most prolific during the 70’s and 80’s producing a variety of work but he’s is probably best known for LP cover’s which included: ELO “Out of the Blue” &  Earth, Wind & Fire: “I Am”

Art is taken from a large Hires selection of Shusei’s work over at the always excellent see the full article here:

Official Site:

Cheers for the lead on this Dan!

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