Peter Elson (4) The Rim of Space

Peter Elson (4) The Rim of Space

Peter Elson - The Rim of Space

Not so much a new post rather an update of an older one, it’s not that I’m running low on material, I just love this image! So thought I’d re-post larger and minus the book livery.

What I like here in particular (aside of course from the weather beaten rocket) is the fashion/costume element, it’s what I dig most in Sci-Fii – futuristic clothing – only this isn’t really futuristic and that makes it even better… An old school 80’s Ski Jacket adorned with sew-on patches, each patch with it’s own unique lexicon, a self contained design all on it’s own. Plus even more 80’s; check the chunky looking phone/walkie talkie, bollocks to touch screen devices!

Again this is via the brand new & awesome

2 thoughts on “Peter Elson (4) The Rim of Space”

  1. Brilliant artist and inspiration to me for years and years! He just has that ‘something’ I cant put my finger on. The essence of good sf art, I think, is it’s ability to make you wonder. A lot modern day sf art doesn’t allow for the imagination, it’s too in your face, rammed down your throat. Whereas Elson’s images work on you long after you’ve stopped looking!

    Anyway, I’m glad to see your site showcase his work, and that of many other excellent artists.. Keep up the great work!

  2. I think, like a lot of people, I first saw his work in the old “Terran Trade Authority” books, which collected a lot of unrelated sci-fi book covers and used them to tell a story. I liked his paintings more than the others because they had a cleaner, more detailed hi-tech look. All the spaceships were covered in panels and graphics and warning signs and so forth.

    The odd thing about this image is that the man’s face looks exactly like a CGI rendering. Also, if that was your spaceship, you’d stand proud too.

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