Shusei Nagaoka - Space flower

Shusei Nagaoka - Station

Two samples from Japanese Airbrush Illustrator Shusei Nagaoka, these gorgeous Tron-Esque hand rendering’s dating from 1984, kinda reminds me of the Cray Super Computer work used in The Last Starfighter. Shusei Nagaoka was most prolific during the 70’s and 80’s producing a variety of work but he’s is probably best known for LP cover’s which included: ELO “Out of the Blue” &  Earth, Wind & Fire: “I Am”

Art is taken from a large Hires selection of Shusei’s work over at the always excellent see the full article here:

Official Site:

Cheers for the lead on this Dan!

Dean Ellis (5) High Wire Act

Dean Ellis (5) High Wire Act

Dean Ellis - High Wire Act

A fifth appearance on Sci-Fi-O-Rama for one of America’s premier 20th century Sci-fi Artist’s; Dean Ellis who sadly passed away last month (12th October 2009). This piece was featured in the July 1981 edition of Omni Magazine accompanying an article on the concept of Arthur C Clarke’s Space Eleveator. Read the full article here:

Dean’s friend Justine has contacted the blog directly asking for help compiling a list of Dean’s works and illustrations, so here’s a shout out to anyone who knows of or owns any Books/Magazines that carry Dean’s magnificent work… I’ve featured 4 here already and will continue to do so, but of course, there are so many more… Any help, hints will be greatly appreciated.

Peter Elson (4) The Rim of Space

Peter Elson - The Rim of Space

I just love this image! So thought I’d re-post larger and minus the book livery.

What I like here in particular (aside of course from the weather-beaten rocket) is the fashion/costume element, it’s what I dig most in Sci-Fi – futuristic clothing – only this isn’t really futuristic and that makes it even better… An old school 80’s Ski Jacket adorned with sew-on patches, each patch with its own unique lexicon, a self-contained design all on its own. Plus even more 80’s; check the chunky looking phone/walkie-talkie, bollocks to touchscreen devices!

Again this is via the brand new & awesome

Peter Elson (3) – Divergence

Peter Elson - Divergence

Ok so I’m proud to present another sample of the work of the legendary Peter Elson. It’s been a fair while since I last featured his work so a quick refresh, Peter was one of the UK’s premier Sci-Fi Illustrators during the 70’s and 80’s and is also synonymous (as with other artists here) with the Terran Trade Authority Books. His work really is stunning beautiful hi-tech designs mixed with gorgeous technicolour backdrops as is demonstrated here in this tracking shot high above Jupiter…

This image comes from the brand new official that’s been put together by Designer Martin Lucas and Peter’s sister, a superb site with over 300+ large images and the chance to buy exclusive prints. A truly great resource for inspiration & a fitting tribute to IMO one of the greatest Sci-Fi Illustrators/Designers ever…

Russ Nicholson (2) – Interview

Russ Nicholson - Warlock of Firetop Mountain

Russ Nicholson - Warlock of Firetop Mountain

Russ Nicholson - Masks of Mayhem

Russ Nicholson - Masks of Mayhem

It’s been a while since I’ve posted and out and out fantasy feature so I thought I’d do something special and add an interview into the mix, a Sci-Fi-O-Rama first! The artist in question is Russ Nicholson a personal favourite of mine whose work I’ve admired since childhood and first reading the Fighting Fantasy Gamebooks he’s synonymous with. Those books were a huge phenomenon during there peak in the mid 80’s, selling millions worldwide with the series eventually reaching over 50 titles before winding up in the early 90’s. The basic premise of a Fighting Fantasy book was a self-contained single-player role-playing adventure where one would explore an Illustrated Fantasy/SF game world by reading numbered paragraphs and then making choices

Bob Pepper (3) Fahrenheit 451

Bob Pepper (3) Fahrenheit 451

Bob  Pepper - Fahrenheit 451

More Bob Pepper cover art, this piece featured on a Ballatine Edition of Ray Bradbury’s classic dystopian novel “Fahrenheit 451”  first published in 1951.

Bradbury’s vision is of an America where anarchic hedonism is rife and the possessing and reading of a book is highly illegal. The Novels central character is Guy Montag a ‘fireman’ which actual means book-burner, and thus refers to the title Fahrenheit 451 is the temperature at which paper ignites… read more about it at wikipedia:

Image via Flickr user mystique123_2000