Pet Sematary 2 &

Pet Sematary 2 &

Pet Sematary 2

This freaky spectral beast is a special effect from the 1992 movie Pet Sematary 2, the sequel to the original 1988 film Pet Sematary that was in turn based on Stephen Kings 1983 novel.


The basic premise is that the Pet Sematary in question is actually built near to a certain another type of burial ground (wonder what that might be) and (gasp!) burying a dead pet there will, in fact, resurrect it, only, of course, the reborn pet is not exactly the same as the old one… I’ve not seen either film  (I have read the book) so didn’t recognise this when I originally spotted it via FFFFound, when backtracking through my bookmarks and came across its source; the absolutely awesome and that’s really what this post is about…

If you’ve even the slightest bit interested in Film Horror from the 70’s / 80’s / 90’s particularly of the B-Movie variety, then I wholeheartedly recommend a good peruse through – a lovingly devoted site to all those slightly obscure films you might just remember being tucked away at your local video store…

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Antonio Petruccelli (1) The Solar Furnace

Antonio Petruccelli - Sun Cutaway

I recently picked up some semi-vintage Scientific/Natural History Books that belonged to my late uncle, loads of superb stuff that I’ll be posting over the course of the rest of the year…

Onto the first scan then – this amazing image is taken from the 1970 edition of the Time-Life International book “The Universe” and is by an artist I’d not come across before, Italian American Antonio Petruccelli (1907-1994) born in Fort Lee, New Jersey. Alas, I’ve had to crop this as the painting covers the spread, it really has to be seen to be believed the colours are something else, and I’ve done my best to keep them intact here…

A snippet from the Illustrations accompanying text: “A Close look at the Solar Furnace”

The Sun’s vast sphere, 864,000 miles in diameter contains 335 billion cubic miles of violently hot gasses that weigh more than 2,000 quadrillion tons. Direct study can probe no deeper than the sun’s double atmosphere (the tenuous outer corona and the shallow, inner chromosphere) and it’s surface skin (the photosphere), because only the energy from these two zones

Barnaby Ward (3)

Barnaby Ward (3)

Barnaby Ward

Here’s a refamiliarization with the infectious & frenetic drawing style that is Barnaby Ward – super cool stuff that’s a real quirky blend of Fashion Illustration, sci-fi, horror and more….

I’ve featured Barnaby a couple of times  before on Sci-Fi-O-Rama  so you may well be familiar with him… If not, your in for a bit of treat – check his site: definitely one of my favourites.

Shobo Shobo (1)


Shobo Shobo

Shobo Shobo

Here’s something a little out there, to say the least!

Super freaky sweatshirt designs adorned with completely over the top 8-Bit coloured, LSD tinged, David Shrigley-esque drawings – a quick taster of the work of Parisian collective Shobo Shobo… Love all the primitivism and neon/metallic colours, Great stuff! there’s a real art to styling something this outrageous!

Shobo Shobo make drawings, art work, installations and fashion and is the brainchild of Mehdi Hercberg and Kanh Linh La. Check out more of their Fashion at: or visit the main site: