Barney Bubbles - Hawkwind / Space Ritual

Barney Bubbles – Hawkwind / Space Ritual


The superb graphic art of Barney Bubbles, this the Sleeve Art for the equally superb 1973 Hawkwind Album “Space Ritual”.

I originally posted about Hawkwind’s and there associated art back in January  – Barney Bubbles – Hawkwind – and as I’ve been enjoying (very much) some of there early albums via Spotify I felt compelled to post again…

If your interested in finding out more about Barney Bubbles (AKA Colin Fulcher) Check these resources:

Paul Gorman’s “Reasons to be Cheerful”  Blog Paul is also the author of this fabulous coffee table book on all things Barney, available via Amazon

There’s also more art and some good discussion at the excellent blog of Illustrator/Designer John Coulthart.

5 thoughts on “Barney Bubbles – Hawkwind / Space Ritual”

  1. I’m a fairly new reader and wanted to voice my appreciation for the amazing collection you’ve put together here.
    Searching through your archive of posts, and the web sites they link to, has become a very enjoyable past time.

  2. Cheers frankerpulten… great to hear you’ve enjoyed reading through the posts! and some of the sites I’ve linked to :) makes it all worthwhile for me doing the site!

  3. So did I add your blog to my bookmarks a few weeks ago. I love vintage sci-fi art! Your website is pretty much what I dreamed of! (AND my personal chauvinism is pleased by your appreciation of french science-ficton)

  4. Many Thanks Romby! glad to here you like it, I guess there’s quite a collection on here as it’s been going over a year…. though there’s always more Sci-fi related material…. particularly if its French!


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