Ogasa Shin (1)

Ogasa Shin (1)

Oga Oga

Oga Oga

Oga Oga

Oga Oga

A selection of fantastical themed fashion Illustrations from Japan. I have to admit I initially knew nothing about the artist responsible for these stunning drawings, only that they had come via this Japanese Blog http://oga.oga.main.jp/ well worth a look!

I’ve since found out that the artist name is Ogasa Shin – thanks for the tip Andy :)

Originally spotted via FFFFound.com

As for the illustrations themselves, the top Stevie Nicks styled character is my personal favourite…

6 thoughts on “Ogasa Shin (1)”

  1. The artist is Ogasa Shin

    I did a little backtracking, and found that the site is built in frames, so all the context is lost when you go to oga.oga.main.jp

    If you go to oga.main.jp, you’ll see what I mean.

    Awesome pics. Too bad the original ffffound poster doesn’t have enough energy to actually give credit to the original artist.

  2. Aah Many thanks Andy – I’ll amend that post….

    Yeah thats the prob with FFFFound sometimes – it’s difficult to track the source of the actual images….. still great though !

  3. Second pic reminds me to artwork by Tsutomu Nihei. His futuristic, apocalpytic, crazy comics are breathtaking. I love his infinite mega structures so much. Highly recommended! Try Blame! as an introduction. One of my fav comic artists.

    Some sample pics in this german fansite:


    Hope u like, nice website u got. love it!

  4. hey rlyeh,

    thanks for the comments and the link…. yes it is a similar style, I’ve not seen the work of Tsutomu Nihei – excellent stuff – the Halo stuff looks interesting – I’ll do some more research…. :)

    cheers for the lead

  5. Hey, I’ve done a post on my blog about this artist!
    It’s a big mistery to me, and I love her/his art.
    If someone knows a litte bit more about it, email me:suicidelil@hotmail.com


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