John Polgreen (1)

John Polgreen (1)

John Polgreen - Space Travel

John Polgreen - Space Travel

John Polgreen - Patrol

A selection of vintage Space Art by John Polgreen an American artist most prolific in the 50’s – a style akin to the work of Chesley Bonestell –  difficult to believe these beautifully rendered forward thinking scenes are 50 or more years old.  Perhaps then a shame that these depicted visions (simultaneous moon landings) haven’t quite come true yet.

Alas there’s not a raft of information on John Polgreen, best place to start is with Flickr User’s Curly-Wurly and Nick Derington who have both posted galleries set’s featuring more of his work.

Picture Notes:

Top: Astronauts surveying a Lunar Landscape via Nick Derington

2nd Top: Blast off from the Lunar Surface via Nick Derington

Bottom: A slightly different style (more painterly) via The Weird World of Winchell Chung / << now that’s a proper Sci-fi Blog to behold! some fantastially in depth stuff there – excellent resource.

Anyone with any more detailed info on John Polgreen, please post a comment.

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  1. He was my grandfather! He passed before I was born but my parents have his books and artwork all around their house.

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