Chris Foss (5)

Chris Foss (5)

Chris Foss

Chris Foss

Chris Foss - The Gods Themselves

Chris Foss - Slan

Chris Foss - Second Moonbeast

A further selection from British Artist Chris Foss one of the true masters of Sci-Fi Art.

I’ve collected these sample’s together as they best serve to highlight the elements I find most interesting in Chris’s work. IMO these are: the ship designs themselves (naturally)  the striped and checkered lexicon he adorns these craft with, the simply stunning cloudfields, aurora and rock formations, but of course most importantly of all – it’s all about the lighting.

A little more about the samples:

Top: This design typifies all of Chris’s aforementioned traits, a bulbous, large vented craft wrapped with industrial zig-zagging descending through a heavenly cloudscape…

Second: A breathtaking alien vista, incredible lighting tricks here, love all the soft glows.

Third: Something of a Gerry Anderson “Thunderbirds” feel here, again it’s all about the markings.

Fourth & Fifth: two different craft designs, one cylindrical the other very geometric, posed at a very similar angles – great atmospheric effects (corona / dustcloud).

Artwork collected and featured via: Net-Cafe Astrona: – do check Astrona for a much larger gallery and more artist info….

Probably the best way to get a true feel for Chris’s Style is to track down one of his books, try ebay of course for a bargain, or has a wide selection here: or better yet try Chris’s Home site: where for a there’s the chance to buy signed prints!

8 thoughts on “Chris Foss (5)”

  1. There is something deeply animalistic about Chris’s spaceships, they display a kind of proud tribalism as if the makers want to remind us, even in deep space, of man’s primitive roots.

    I think Jodorowsky puts it quite well in the foreword of 21st Century Foss:

    (Referring to the ill-fated Dune project) I wanted magical entities, vibrating vehicles, like fish that swim and have their being in the mythological deeps of the surrounding ocean. The ‘galactic’ ships of North American technocracy are a mouse-grey insult to the divine, therefore delirious chaos of the universe. I wanted jewels, machine-animals, soul mechanisms. Sublime as snow crystals, myriad faceted fly eyes, butterfly pinions.

    Now if only that film was made we might have seen more of CF’s great work on celluloid!

  2. Interesting point on the markings, and one I had not considered before – definitely puts a spin on things if you look at them with that in mind.

    Great Jodorowsky quote as well “Machine-Animals, soul mechanisims. Sublime as snow crystals”….. (big sigh!) if only

    I’m also sure Chris was also very much inspired by ‘Dazzle Ships’ camouflage patterns: & essentially designed to blur what was there and what was not…

  3. Oh yeah I know the Time Tourist album…. actually someone else made the same observation on a similar post… The Time Tourist cover is definitely Chris Foss inspired, maybe it actually was him? I’m not sure… Peter Elsons work is similar too..

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