Ed Emshwiller – Have Space Suit – Will Travel

Jun 8th, 2009 | Categories: Illustration | Low Palette | Retro | Sci-Fi

Ed Emshwiller - Have Space Suit, Will Travel

Ed Emshwiller

A vintage Astronaut used as the cover of the 1958 first edition of Robert A. Heinlein’s book “Have Space Suit – Will Travel” art is by the late American Illustator Ed Emshwiller

Image sourced from Flickr User Glen Mullaly’s Flickr Photo Stream – not just an avid collector of gorgeous vintage Illustration but a talented artist himself

– addendum

A little more on the book here: I’ve also added the B&W illustration, a fantastic costume design I reckon.

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  2. Andrew Porter says:

    This crops out the edge of the lunar landscape and the blackness of space, visible at the top of the cover, which may have been perceived as a graphic device. It’s not.

  3. Kie says:

    Yeah Andrew I actually cropped the original Scan thats here I haven’t seen the original book, thought of course would like to…..

    Oh and there’s this too…

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