Omni Magazine - Ute Osterwald

Omni Magazine – Ute Osterwald

Omni Magazine - Ute Osterwald

Thought I’d do a another quick Omni Magazine Post as quite a few visitors have been searching for it…

This is the cover of the July 1981 edition of the classic SF magazine and is taken from a 25 piece set over on Eric Carl’s Flickr account: Some superb examples old-school SF slanted Photomontage/Illustration/Design, some very much of it’s time, some still strikingly fresh, all still extremely cool – definitely recommended!

Art by Ute Osterwald – alas not much info on him other another than he produced 2 other Omni covers Nov 1979 & Jul 1980 – See these here: Omni Magazine Online

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  1. Yeah Mechanismo, that’s the illustrated Jim Burns Stuff I posted some of that a while back… Definitely worth bookmarking Eric’s Flickr Feed BTW

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