Bruno 9li

Apr 21st, 2009 | Categories: Animated GIF | Bruno 9li | Graphics | Illustration | Sci-Fi

Bruno 9li

Here’s something I spotted on FFFFound a while back and bookmarked, super freaky techno spirtualism! courtesy of Brasilian Illustrator / Artist Bruno 9li (AKA Bruno Novelli) – this character an off-the-wall, underwater mix of Afrika Bambaataa Planet Rock, Shiva and erm Tron!  Not just a great style, but also a great demonstration of how  even with just a few frames it’s possible to breath life into an  Illustration via the simple medium of an animated GIF loop – clever stuff indeed!

See much more of Bruno’s random and chaotic style’s at : check out the videos section too!

Also of interest: a quick flick through of his book ‘Agora Eterno’ alas this seems a little hard to get hold of? is out of print?

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  1. Jw says:

    Love the site, and this one totally took me by surprise. Bruno’s portfolio is awesome.

  2. Kie says:

    hey cheers,

    yeap Bruno’s work is Top Draw stuff… I really love the colour palettes he picks…

  3. Claire says:

    Glad to find some fellow Bruno fans here- we were lucky enough to have Bruno 9li and his very talented girlfriend Talita Hoffmann (keep an eye on her, she is going to be big) over to London last week for their first UK exhibition. We were totally blown away by their work- anybody who would like to check out their most recent stuff should email info@lavacollective for some pics, also we will have limited edition prints and T shirts on our store soon

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