Peter Max – Outer Space 1967

Peter Max - Outer Space

‘Outer Space’ an early sample of the art of Peter Max a German born American Artist made famous during the 60’s for his Iconic ‘Cosmic Art’ Poster’s, the most famous of these being his technicolor ‘Love’ print,  see that here.

More on Peter and his Illustrious, high-flying career at wikipedia:

Scan taken from the 1975 Book ‘A Concise History of Posters’ compiled by John Barnicoat.

4 thoughts on “Peter Max – Outer Space 1967”

  1. I’ve been enjoying this blog, and am mostly in agreement about your choice of artwork. But Peter Max?! Yikes!

    Your profiles of Druillet, Moebuis, Enki Bilal, and Philippe Caza have been terrific. How about posts about Liberatore, Richard Corben, Jean-Michel Nicollet, and some of the lesser-known Heavy Metal artists?

    BTW, many of us first encountered Bob Pepper’s artwork from an incredible board game called “Dark Tower”…

  2. Hey Russell,

    glad you been mostly enjoying the blog 😉 don’t worry we’re not going all full-on Rainbow Technicolor just yet!

    Thanks for the leads on those artist’s will look to research, actually I do already have some material on Jean-Michel Nicollet in the stack

    Yes I’ve seen the Bob Pepper ‘Dark Tower’ Illustration’s but only low res / bad scans…. any pointers very welcome!

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