Bob Pepper – Passing For Human

Bob Pepper - Passing for Human

Another post featuring a sample of art from the amazing Bob Pepper this piece used as the cover for an edition of the 1977 Jody Scott novel “Passing for Human”.

Scan via vintage sci-fi goldmine see more of Bob Pepper’s Cover Artwork here:

For a further collection of Bob Pepper’s cover’s check this Flickr Set:

5 thoughts on “Bob Pepper – Passing For Human”

  1. Bob Pepper is my favorite artist to find on old paperbacks. He mined dynamic symmetry for all it was worth. Awesome colors. Great links, thanks.

  2. Hey

    All around great blog. A freind of mine showed this to me a little while ago and I didnt think to comment. But the Bob Pepper additions changed all that. Ive been trying to find covers by him for a couple years now. Simce I first started looking his web presence has grown, and its been good to see the web get familiar. Ive got some additional covers and art here:

    Thanks for all the quality posts


  3. Hey Josh/Craig

    many thanks for the nice comments!

    Yeap I agree Bob Pepper’s work is phenomenal and certainly still seem’s to be very popular – I get plenty of ‘Bob Pepper’ keyword search’s referring to the blog…

    Cheers for the Link to the Flickr Gallery Josh, I’ll amend the front of the post….

  4. I have a Bob Pepper original silk screen. It is of a women in 19th century clothing. She has a black dress on with a white shawl w/lace on the edge. She also has ared & pink apron on. There is an orange cat on her lap. Behind her is a red wall with pink & green flowers. there is a window with a black horse outside. the curtains are multi-colored with geometical designs and there is brown balls on the boarder. It doesn’t look like sleeve art or abook cover. Could any one please help me identify this piece. I would like to find out when the piece was done or even just to know the title, would be agreat help.

  5. Hi John,

    Bob has posted a comment on Sci-Fi-O-Rama before so I have his email address… I will forward your message :)

    cheers Kie

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