The Werewolf mythology depicted here in three Old World Etching/Woodcuts. These scans are taken from a lengthy essay featured in Man Myth and Magic Issue #107 ( from around 1971?).

Article synopsis: “Stories of men having the power to change themselves into ravening beasts have gained currency in almost every part of the world; a universality which suggests that the underlying idea emanates from deep within man’s own mind”

Mention Werewolf and it’s impossible not to think of scenes from John Landis’s 1981 Horror / Black Comedy An American Werewolf in London particularly the stunning metamorphosis sequence and the immortal lines “Stay on the road. Keep clear of the moors – Beware the moon, lads”. This article predates that film by 10 years or so, and references material back to antiquity. What’s interesting is discussion on the mental illness known as Lycanthropy  a kind of insanity in which the patient believes himself to be a beast, especially a wolf. Although this condition was diagnosed as far back as the 16th Century it had little effect on the superstition,  the articles surmise is

Tiger! Tiger!

Cover Art for a later edition of Alfred Bester’s Classic Sci-Fi Novel “Tiger! Tiger!” originally published in 1956. 

Artist is Adrian Chesterman – http://www.chestermanart.com/

Scan via Flickr User Seriykotik1970 originally spotted via the SciFi Books Pool, a great source of inspiration I’ve featured from many times http://www.flickr.com/groups/22742217@N00/pool/

Jan Lenica – Wozzeck

Jan Lenica - Wozzeck

A classic striking Poster dating from 1964 by Polish Graphic Designer and Cartoonist Jan Lenica (1928 -2001).

Some more  of Jan’s Posters here: http://www.poster.com.pl/lenica.htm A little more on his career here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jan_Lenica and part of his stop motion animated 1987 film: Ubu et la grande Gidouille http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kQSqtj1NUjk must be a VHS rip, so not great but the audio’s ace!

Bruno 9li

Bruno 9li

Here’s something I spotted on FFFFound a while back and bookmarked. Super freaky techno-spiritualism! courtesy of Brasilian Illustrator / Artist Bruno 9li (AKA Bruno Novelli) – this character an off-the-wall, underwater mix of Afrika Bambaataa Planet Rock, Shiva and erm Tron!  Not just a great style, but also a great demonstration of how even with just a few frames it’s possible to breathe life into an  Illustration via the simple medium of an animated GIF loop – clever stuff indeed!

See much more of Bruno’s random and chaotic style’s at : http://www.bruno9li.com check out the videos section too!

Also of interest: a quick flick through of his book ‘Agora Eterno’ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z3p61kz2T8Y alas this seems a little hard to get hold of? is out of print?

Peter Max – Outer Space 1967

Peter Max - Outer Space

‘Outer Space’ an early sample of the art of Peter Max a German-born American Artist made famous during the 60’s for his Iconic ‘Cosmic Art’ Poster’s, the most famous of these being his technicolour ‘Love’ print,  see that here.

More on Peter and his Illustrious, high-flying career at wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Peter_Max

Scans are taken from the 1975 Book ‘A Concise History of Posters’ compiled by John Barnicoat.