Barnaby Ward (2)

Barnaby Ward

Barnaby Ward

Barnaby Ward

Barnaby Ward

Barnaby Ward

A selection of Illustration by Barnaby Ward, taken from his portfolio website

Barnaby’s drawing’s feature a playful mix of pseudo Manga babes, weird looking robots, freaky animal-humanoids,  and often mad tech fetishism – all rendered in a loose but  frenetic style that blends svelte Fashion Illustration ala Jason Brooks (Puscha/Head Kandi) and obsessive detailing ALA Katsuhiro Otomo (Akira).

With regards to the examples featured here, I’ve tried to feature a good cross section from a straight forward classy Fashion Illustration at the top; 2nd down is is similar but warped with an Alien Fish head! – it’s this mix of innocuous and the bizarre the really give Barnaby’s work an edge.  Third and Fourth are pure stream of consciousness doodling and have a more stylised vivacious feel. The fifth and final example is a slick demonstration of character study – I picked this especially as I know how tricky it can be to draw expression variation’s!

If your interested in seeing more of Barnaby’s work be sure to check his online Graphic Novel “Sixteen Miles to Merricks – Will be running a bit more on Merricks and Barnaby soon!

2 thoughts on “Barnaby Ward (2)”

  1. I love this style art. It inspires me to draw even though I know I can not draw in this style. We can dream can’t we. It just impresses me how some people can compose such interesting sketches in their head.

  2. Hey Jen N’Tonic…

    Yeah great stuff is’int it ! I was going to say the same thing in the post! makes me want to get back into drawing again…. I hope to do a bit more of a feature with Banarby soon

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