Hipgnosis – Welcome to the Machine

Hipgnosis - Welcome to the Machine

Sleeve Art for you know who – from the legendary Higpnosis… full post to follow soon..

7 thoughts on “Hipgnosis – Welcome to the Machine

  1. To be a little more specific, the ‘welcome to the machine’ image was created as a sticker insert in ‘Pink Flloy – Wish You Were Here’ and was created by George Hardie, while at Hipgnosis.

  2. Have this tattooed on my left arm.

    And a specials thanks to you for putting up such an exquisite and plain awesome blog.

  3. I want to get this tat. I hope it comes out the same with all straight lines. I love Floyd + Hipgnosis. This was a sticker that was slapped on the front of the original vinyl of Wish You Were Here. The four elements are suppose to stand for each member and Syd would be the “fifth element”. Mechanical hands for the albums theme about the flaws in the music industry. I believe they use the logo for some CDs and the Welcome to the Machine single.

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