Wayne Barlowe – Daggerwrist

Wayne Barlowe - Daggerwrist

Wayne Barlowe - Daggerwrist's

Two more samples from Wayne Barlowe’s fantastic Expidition Book (Published 1990). The “Daggerwirst” is an alien predator indigenous to Darwin IV, a fictional (or yet to be discovered!) planet in orbit around a binary star system very close to our own, all evolutionary design of course is hypothectical! These creature’s, of roughly man sized proportions communicate via sonar pings and swoop on their prey from the trunks and branches of  huge extraterrestrial trees…

I posted a previous featuere on the the expidition book back in July last year, as I mentioned then it’s basically a grown up version of Ricky Gervais’s Flanimals books, though of course predates them – in fact I wonder if Ricky referenced Wayne’s work? Anyway read a little bit more about the Daggerwrist and Darwin IV’s other exotic species via Wayne’s official gallery feature: http://www.waynebarlowe.com/expedition_pages/index_expedition.htm the book is also available to buy starting at $20 via Amazon.

7 thoughts on “Wayne Barlowe – Daggerwrist”

  1. I had the pleasure of meeting Wayne and sitting in on a talk her gave over at the Gnomon School of Visual Effects. It was a great session, amazing work.

  2. Yeap it is indeed Colin, both from the Expidition Book – did you know it was made into a CGI pseudo documentary ? here’s a link via to it on imdb.com http://is.gd/kAGK << mixed debate on this though personally I enjoyed it... Definitely it is amazing work, am envious Eric you got to meet him and attend his Lecture - the perk's of living and working in LA !

  3. Hey, yeap I absolutely agree… i definitely recommend tracking down a copy of the Pseudo Documentary too…

  4. I agree, I actually thought the Skewer was originally – but I think the is even better – the proboscis and the head are separate but join together… weird

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