Dan McPharlin (3)

Dan Mcpharlin Untitled

Wicked moody minimalism from Dan McPharlin this time with a surreal tinge and an air of that most iconic of 12″ Sleeve’s – Pink Floyd’s “Dark Side of the Moon”.

I’ve decided to post this image despite the fact  it’s popped up on FFFFound more time’s than I’ve had hot dinner’s – basically this is because:  A) it’s bloody brilliant and B) just in case anyone’s not had a chance to see Dan’s superb take on Sci-fi inspired Art…

Much more at Dan’s Flickr Photostream: http://www.flickr.com/photos/danmcp

Wayne Barlowe – Daggerwrist

Wayne Barlowe - Daggerwrist

Wayne Barlowe - Daggerwrist's

Two more samples from Wayne Barlowe’s fantastic Expidition Book (Published 1990). The “Daggerwirst” is an alien predator indigenous to Darwin IV, a fictional (or yet to be discovered!) planet in orbit around a binary star system very close to our own, all evolutionary design, of course, is hypothetical! These creature’s, of roughly man-sized proportions, communicate via sonar pings and swoop on their prey from the trunks and branches of huge extraterrestrial trees…

I posted a previous feature on the expedition book back in July last year, as I mentioned then it’s basically a grown-up version of Ricky Gervais’s Flanimals books, though of course predates them – in fact I wonder if Ricky referenced Wayne’s work? Anyway read a little bit more about the Daggerwrist and Darwin IV’s other exotic species via Wayne’s official gallery feature: http://www.waynebarlowe.com/expedition_pages/index_expedition.htm the book is also available to buy starting at $20 via Amazon.

Philippe Caza (1)

Philippe Caza

An illustration somewhat reminiscent of the abstraction of The Vienna Secession, art by French Illustrator/Comic book artist Philippe Caza (born 1941) another prominent Heavy Metal contributor. Caza as with contemporaries Moebius, Phillippe Druillet and Enki Bilal offer’s a very idiosyncratic often stunning style…

See some more of his work here: http://www.twilightsite.com/Fantasy/Old/Caza/Caza.html