Tim White – Welcome Chaos

Tim White - Welcome Chaos

Another sample from Tim White used for the cover of the 1983 novel “Welcome Chaos” by Kate Wilhem. Though not strictly a Sci-Fi image in the most obvious sense (that really doesn’t matter here) I’ve decided to feature this because it’s simultaneously naff & cheesy but also dramatically striking in that psuedo-realistic neon style that’s so quintessentially 1980’s – think Athena Posters….

Uk artist Tim White has his own site, with extensive gallery and shop: http://www.tim-white.co.uk/

3 thoughts on “Tim White – Welcome Chaos”

  1. Very interesting piece of art. It definitely has that 80’s look to it. You can tell it was done with a physical airbrush as opposed to the digital techniques used today.

    It is somewhat cheeky isn’t it?

  2. Yeah I think cheeky’s and apt description! Not my favorite piece nor my favourite tim White illustration though there’s definatley something cool about….

    I also thing it’s look and feel wpuld change competely different on another colour to turqoise…..might mash something up in photshop

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