Peter Andrew Jones – The Zap Gun

Peter Andrew Jones - The Zap Gun

This will be the last post of the year, so I’m going to end with a sample from my personal 2008 Blog favourite: Peter Andrew Jones. This piece is titled “The Zap Gun” and dates from 1974.

Many thanks for all comments, suggestions and contributions, it’s great to see so many people enjoy all this nonsense as much as I do!  Happy New Year!!!

Scan is taken via a large library of Peter Andrew Jones art at

Artist home Site at: (1) - The Film Journal


A selection of images taken from the excellent a mammoth resource/archive which seeks to document all visual references to that most elusive of enigma’s – “The Flying Saucer”. The site includes scans and Photos of magazines, books, comics, merchandising and toys, samples start from as far back as 1915! that’s well before the term “Flying Saucer” was first coined – June 1947 – when American pilot Keneth Arnold spotted several unidentified flying objects above Mt Rainer, Washington State. is run by dedicated Ufologists Jim Klotz and Les Trecce-Sinclair,  and whether your a believer, sceptic or just looking for some Retro Sci-fi nonsense do check it out –

Frank Miller – Ronin (1)

Frank Miller - Ronin

Frank Miller - Ronin

Frank Miller - Ronin

Frank Miller - Ronin

Frank Miller - Ronin

A selection of  Illustrations taken from Frank Miller’s ‘Ronin’, a cyberpunk tale of samurai mysticism that takes place in a ransacked 21st century New York –  published by DC Comic’s between 1983 and 84 (I own the Graphic Novel). Frank Miller both wrote and illustrated Ronin in a loose but very descriptive style and its expertly coloured a low, muted palette by Lynn Varley.

Read more about Ronin here: Frank Miller here:

Terry Oakes – Vangelis ‘The Dragon’

Terry Oakes - Vangelis The Dragon

A gargantuan beast rises from the foaming ocean swell; sleeve art for 1978 Vangelis album “The Dragon” – Artwork by Welshman Terry Oakes – also a major contributor to the Fighting Fantasy series, producing both cover and interior art.

A little bit more about him here:

Image Sourced via user raulg

2001: A Space Odyssey (2)

2001: A Space Odyssey - Star Gate

2001: A Space Odyssey - Star Gate

2001: A Space Odyssey - Star Gate

Another 3 shots from Kubrick’s Masterpiece, this time from the simply astonishing “Star Gate” sequence. These stills hardly do it justice, and neither does a youtube clip, however here’s a quick reminder

The special effect to create this animated sequence was, of course, mechanical (not digital) and is called Slit-Scan Photography, I’d never heard of it before either!

Here’s a link to a Wiki overview and an article on how to achieve the effect with a large format camera

2001: A Space Odyssey (1)

Bowman in pod

Frank in the pod

Poole Helmet Reflection

A selection of 3 screen grabs Taken from Stanley Kubrick’s genre-defining 2001: A Space Odyssey. In 40yrs + it’s never been bettered in terms of artistic merit or design, for me, this will always be THE Science Fiction Movie, a spectacle indeed, though not always riveting entertainment in the mould of so much other classic Sci-fi, it is, however, a brooding experience like no other. Personally, I feel it’s almost better to watch and marvel the drawn-out acts separately rather than one long sitting, make your own remix…

Warning – Possible Spoilers!

The above images relate to Franks Poole’s ill-fated attempt to replace the broken/not broken AE35 Unit, I didn’t realise until recent re-watch that Kubrick used the famous helmet reflection trick on both astronauts and not just Dave Bowman – so here’s a little tribute to Franks last EVA. Interestingly though if one follows Arthur C Clarke’s Canon, 2001, 2010, 2061 and 3001 – the final book actually see’s the 1000 year frozen body of