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  1. Daniel says:

    I wonder if the Firefly people ever saw this because I can definitely see some similarities.

    All though the front looks just like an old airplane nose.

  2. Kie says:


    I’m not to familiar with firefly – but yeah the front does looks like and old airplane nose ! probably the only bit I’m not so keen on :)

  3. MacQ says:

    awesome image… reminds me of the cover of B12 – Time Tourist


  4. Kie says:

    Wow! yeah I remember that B12 Sleeve, I haven’t seen that for years…. thanks !

  5. Just found this page looking for Bob Layzell’s work.

    The Firefly crew definitely were aware of the TTA stuff.

    Note Serenity:

    vs. the Interstellar Queen:

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